Saturday, December 24, 2016

Ragnarokkr 2017

Mastros & Zealot: Witches for Hire are pleased to announce our first game of 2017, Ragnarokkr, opening on New Year's Day.

This is a story of Loki and Thor, abroad in the world of the Svart√°lfar, running the Midgard serpent's back, Asgard up in flames as seven nations attack, first Kemetica, then Bharata, then Shamballa after that, the Middle Kingdom, Turtle Island, the Inuit Nunaat, the call of Ragnarokk moves even the People of the Dream, for the Twilight of the Gods, you see, is just the Darkening of the Supreme.

This story begins then with Loki and Thor, abroad in the world of the Svart√°lfar, the first in pursuit of knowledge forbidden, the secord just searching for something worth hitting, but what they discover instead is a parallel world, where the dark elven banners had never unfurled, and so they come here with Odin, and join a new God called Christ, as Ragnarock is replaced by Christmas, and all the elves are put on ice.

This, then, is a story of a parallel earth, of the origins of Christmas long before the Virgin birth, of a dark and secret gnosis behind Santa Claus's girth, for those who see only the cost of things, but no longer feel its worth.

Imagine a world where Egypt never fell, where the Roman Empire never rose to prominence, where Monotheism never spread.  Imagine a world where psychic magician-priests rule.  That land is Nykia, and Nykia is at war.  As refugees flee, war begins to spill into our world.  Loki and Thor are the first (they think) to discover our world.  The Shifty Eyed Allfather, a curse be on his name, abandoned his Asgard and came here, a world where the gods have been made weak, and the people complacent, and he begins to build an empire.  Under his banner, the light-skinned peoples of the North prepare themselves for war.  

For six months, as the Light grows ever stronger, Mastros & Zealot are going to war.  Will you follow the One Eyed Invader, or will you flock with us to the banner of the Old Powers of Our Earth, making war on White Supremacy?

January First, the War Begins.

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