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Clean Hands Cursing

By now, many of you know that my beloved friend and teacher, Caroline Kenner, was the victim of a brutal crime last week.  You can read about it here:

If you would like to aid in our efforts towards justice, here is what we recommend:

Clean Hands Cursing Instructions
By Caroline Kenner and Sara Mastros
I am a professional shamanic healer and Sara is a professional wonder worker. I call myself a Washington Witchdoctor and Sara calls herself a Witch for Hire. Both of us learned about curses in the process of learning how to neutralize them for ourselves and others. I have taught curse breaking for more than a decade, a curriculum I developed in response to the many curses I’ve needed to UN-do during my career as a shamanic healer.
The last time I cursed anyone like this was in 2011, when a group of fundamentalist Christians decided to curse the United States Pagan community because we, in their dumbass opinions, worship a “dangerous demon” as they call The Queen of Heaven. They cursed the Pagan community state by state in reverse order of admission to the Union. You may read about my and Katrina Messenger’s response to their psychic attacks on our national community here.…
When cursing, it is important to remain focused, particularly during a Mercury retrograde period. I strongly suggest *not* adding any other targets to your curse work, but instead remaining focused on a single target, in this case, a syndicate of Mexican extortionists. However, you can apply what you learn here to curse other targets at other times.  It is almost always to do several curses, independently, than try to bundle them together.
Under no circumstances should anyone curse the President now or at any time: we have found there are layers of centuries-old protections around our elected officials, as well there should be. Curses against public officials tend to boomerang. Be warned.
Here is a summary of basic rules about Clean Hands Cursing, rules that Sara and I have both found to be true through practical experience and many years of study.
1. Curses are a Dish Best Served Cold. Never curse in the heat of emotion. This is the most important rule of all. Curse coldly after you have has a chance to calm down.
2. Consider curses to be legal contracts with the Gods. Write down your curses, and then declaim them. Do not extemporize curses.
You endanger yourself by deviating from your written script. Write your curses down in handwriting, then check your written script carefully for possible boomerangs, loopholes, or unclear language that obscures your will from the Gods.
Divine on the petition, and if the response is negative or ambivalent, rework the words until you get a clear positive response. Please understand that there are forces just waiting to trip us up in situations like this. Be careful.
3. Always curse in the names of the Gods, and not in your own name. This type of cursing is essentially extending an invitation for Divine Retribution to fall upon the target.
This rule is essential for the human curser’s protection. Your action is to notify the Gods that a wrongdoing has occurred, and request that They act to rectify or ameliorate the wrong that has been done.
The corollary to this rule: Never specify a preferred penalty. You are inviting Divine Retribution. Divinities will know the karmic history of the wrongdoing, and act accordingly. This type of thing is not given to humans to know. Do not specify a penalty: doing so makes it far more likely that aspects of the curse will boomerang.
4. Curse only specific people for specific actions, and in specific ways. You should never curse an entire category of people, or curse for abstract reasons like “social injustice”.
Such curses are almost sure to boomerang because you live a glass house, and should not be throwing stones willy-nilly.
As you see below, we have defined the curse narrowly to the business enterprises of the criminals. This is not a deathly matter; please respect that.
5. Cursing is very serious. Justified curses often last several lifetimes. Never curse someone lightly.
In most cases, cursing should be reserved for crimes. Cursing is often the only justice available in some situations, for example, the current situation.
In most cases, cursing comes about because of a failure of the mundane justice system combined with asymmetrical power differentials between the criminal and the victim.
Curse only when you are confident there is no other option.
Cursing is the art the Gods taught to the oppressed to fight back.
6. If you believe you have cursed someone, and you regret doing so, follow the same directions for cursing below, and UN-curse, or release, your doomsaying. The method below is a portal, not a one-way route.
Creating a Crucible for Curses
* Identify the target of the curse very clearly.
* Define the target narrowly.
* Choose a divinity to work with: it is best to choose a longterm ally over a specialist in this work.
Your personal spirit allies will have far more stake in the work than some divinity Who does not know you. Your ally will call in a specialist to assist Them if there is need. Trust your normal spirit allies to defend you. Even the Blessed Virgin does this type of work under certain circumstances.
Asking either one or a small number of spirits to assist you in this work is far more effective than asking a large diverse group of spirits. However, if you work predominantly with one entire pantheon, it’s fine to call on the whole pantheon.
It is bad practice to involve spirits Who have divided loyalties in baneful work. Don’t put spirits in that sort of position: again, this liable to cause boomeranging.
In this case, please do not invoke Santissima Muerte or the Blessed Virgin of Guadalupe. I love both of Them dearly, and They both have images in the Conjure Dance. Think about the Trojan War, and how the Gods took sides in ardent divine combat. No divided loyalties, please.
Suggestions for Cursing the Mexican Extortionists:
Here is a summary of my personal work for the next three nights. I have requested assistance from some of the Gods I work most closely with. Tonight, Friday the 13th, I am working with Loki. Tomorrow night, I am working with Eris and Wayland the Smith. Sunday, I am working Papa Legba.
I will make a fire in my barbecue grill in the ritual circle at the top of the hill. I will have a bottle of rum left over from the Conjure Dance, and the already-handwritten petition to Loki, as well as one of my rattles. I will sing the shamanic songs I always sing that many of you are familiar with. And then, when sacred space is established and all of my helping spirits are present, I will read my pre-written curse aloud. Then, with some dancing around and gathering energy beforehand, I will burn the piece of paper. Burning the paper releases the curse fully, in my experience. I pour libations at the beginning and the end of all my workings.
Here is the spell I am going to work with, again, courtesy of Sara Mastros, a specialist in spellcraft. Once you learn the basic structure of this spell, you can easily adapt it to any future cursing needs if you wish.
Begin by preparing your petition, and lighting a fire. If you cannot use a large flame outside or in a hearth, light a small tea light, and work over the sink. As always, when working with fire, take sensible safety precautions. You will also need wine, liquor, oil, honey, milk or another libation.
Open sacred space, time, and consciousness however you see it. Next, pour the libation, call in your personal allies, and read the following aloud:
Moon Wane. Work bane.
Mercury Retrograde is the curser's aid.
Mars Direct, the Just protect.
On April the 6th, bad men hurt my friend,
Help bring their scam to a sorry end.
Please take it from here, ___divine ally___ so dear.
I call You, ___divine ally___: please use your might,
to protect and defend Mother-Right, Father-Right.
Help Loki and Eris, Help Wayland the Smith,
Help Legba and Odin to clean out this nest.
They are vipers and liars, extortionist thieves,
who prey using fear causing trauma and grief,
to line their own pockets. These malicious persons
must be brought low, until they’ve learned their lessons.
(end with your preferred sealing of spell, “so mote it be” or preferred equivalent.)
Now, in your fruitiest Columbia School of Broadcasting magical voice, read your pre-written petition aloud. When you have finished reading it, burn it, and release the ashes, into the wind if outside, or down the drain if working inside. (Releasing them into a natural body of running water is ideal but not necessary.)
After the curse is released, speak from your heart, in your own words, thanking your spirit allies and the planetary forces for their help. Return to normal space, time, and consciousness. Be sure to ground by eating at least a small snack. If you feel at all shaky, sprinkle some salt on your head, and then take a shower with a salt rinse at end.
For people of other religions who would like to help: Light a candle, petition your spirits and ask Them to assist bringing down a syndicate of Mexican extortionists that torment parents and grandparents to make their living frightening them and stealing their money. Simple.
Many minds make light work, so to speak, in the world of spells.
Please do not “send light” to the criminals. That’s far more likely to protect them than to expose them. The criminal justice system in Mexico veers among incompetent, uncaring, and completely corrupt. Police, DAs, and judges are likely to be in the pay of organized crime in many if not most jurisdictions. Hoping for any sort of prosecution in Mexico is beyond idealistic, sadly.
Thank you very very much for any efforts you feel like contributing to this enterprise. Love and blessings from Caroline, with a great deal of help from Sara Mastros.


If you'd like to learn more, I sell a video lesson with more in-depth teaching on this matte here:!/Intermediate-Witchcraft-Lesson-Clean-Hands-Cursing/p/104385619/category=24551343

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