Sunday, July 7, 2013

Tetragrammaton Meditation

This is a good all purpose meditation.  I do it while I’m falling asleep, whenever I feel like I need to center or protect myself, if I feel like I’m getting sick, and as preparation for other magic.  It calls upon the “Tetragrammaton”, the four-letter Name of G-d, yod-heh-vuv-heh.  

Begin by finding a comfortable position.  Because this meditation involves mentally “drawing” on the body, it’s best to do it either standing or laying down while you’re still learning it.  Your spine, arms, and legs should be straight, and pointed down.  I keep my eyes closed, but you can also do it with your eyes open.  

Take several deep, slow breaths and relax your body.   As you breathe in, feel strength and health flowing to every part of you.  As you breathe out, feel your body relax, shedding trouble, tension, disease, and toxicity.

Whenever you’re ready, focus your attention above the top of your head.  Gather energy from all around you, from the heavens, from the divine.  Feel the energy coalesce into a glowing ball, about the size of an apple, above your head.  Take several deep breaths, and feel the ball pulse with each breath.  When the ball is pulsing in harmony with your breath, take a deep breath and…

Contract the ball down to the size of a grape and allow it to sink to the middle of your forehead.  Take several deep breaths, and allow the ball of light to glow brightly.  Whenever you’re ready, use the point of light to draw the letter yod in a straight line from your third eye, down the bridge of your nose, across your lips (like you’re saying shhhhh), and down to the hollow of your throat.

Take several deep breaths, and pronounce the sound yod in your throat.  Feel the energy vibrating your vocal cords, and the letter glowing inside you.  Take several deep breaths, and whenever your ready….

Move the point of light to your left shoulder.  Use the light to draw the letter heh across your shoulders, down your right arm and out the center of your right palm, and then from you left shoulder down and out your left palm.  Take several deep breaths and pronounce the sound heh in your chest.  Feel the energy beating in your heart, and the letter glowing inside you.  Take several deep breaths, and whenever you’re ready…

Center the ball of light at your breast bone.  Whenever you’re ready, draw the letter vuv in a straight line down your center, from between your breasts, through your abdomen, ending between your legs.  Take several deep breaths and pronounce the sound vuv from your diaphragm.  Feel the energy vibrate in your spine, and the letter glowing inside of you.  Take several deep breaths, and, whenever you’re ready…

Move the ball of light to your left hip.  Draw the letter heh within yourself, across your hips, down your right leg, and into the ground.  Return to your left hip, and draw the light down your right leg.  Take several deep breaths and pronounce the letter heh.   Feel the sound resonating in your legs, and the energy of the letter deep within you.

Feel the legs of the heh descend through the bottom of your feet, and deep into the center of the Earth.  Feel the crown of the yod ascending through the top of your head, up up up to the heavens above.  The holy Name is a pillar of light, connecting Above and Below, with you the conduit uniting them.  Feel the strength of this connection, and the easy and free flow of energy within your body.  The light gently melts away any obstruction it find, and leaves you feeling clean and healthy.  Take several deep breaths, and let the letters sink into invisibility.  As the light fades, remember that the Name is still there, inside of you, where it’s always been.

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