Monday, August 24, 2015

Curse Work

As an adult, I very rarely curse people.  Most of the time, it just doesn't feel right.  Sometimes, however, there's no question that a curse is what's called for.  Below, please find a curse to be brought down on Daesh.  One good time to work, and when I'll be doing it, is this Saturday, August 29th, between 9:20 and 10:31 am.  (hour of mars, day of saturn)


You will need:
A printout of the Daesh flag.  
A printout of the text below.
A black pen or marker.  (if you’re into that sort of thing, bat’s blood ink would also be a good choice)
An egg (preferably white-shelled)
paper towels
A black or red candle (or white is also ok, if you don’t have black). A red reversing to black female figural candle is ideal.
A midden (such as a diaper pail, outhouse, porta-potty, or gross, smelly dumpster.  NOT a compost pile.)

  1. Lay down some newspapers or etc. This is going to get messy.
  2. Write the execration text OVER the flag with the black ink.  It doesn’t matter if you can’t see it very well.  Pour all your venom, fury, and righteous hatred into the writing.  Say it aloud as you write. Try to space it so it fills most of the flag. Add some lighting bolts and crossbones and other appropriate symbols if there is empty space.
  3. Put the egg in the center of the flag.
  4. Light the candle.  Feel it’s flame.  Read the text over and over, louder and louder, feeling your fury rise, boil, and burn.
  5. When you reach peak fury, slam your hand down on the egg, breaking it all over the flag.  Focus all your fury, all your hate, into the slam.
  6. Crumple of the entire mess, including the paper towels, and throw it into the midden (filth-hole) of your choice. If you REALLY can't do a midden, burn the paper and flush the ashes.
  7. Laugh.  Take a hot shower, and scrub yourself with salt.  Stand in the sunshine.  You’re not done until you feel clean and healthy and at peace.

The Execration Text

Lilith, Lamashtu, Night Monster, Lilith, Lamashtu, Screech Owl, Lilith, Lamashtu, Howling Desert Wind: We cry out to you.  Your desert is being defiled.  Daesh, the trampler, Daesh, the bigot, Daesh tracks filth across your holy places.

Lilith, Lamashtu, Fury of Woman.  Lilith, Lamashtu, Scorned One.  Lilith, Lamashtu, Demon Queen:  We cry out to you.  Your women are being defiled.  Daesh, the rapist, Daesh, the enslaver, Daesh tracks filth across your holy bosom.

Lilith, Lamashtu, Flail of Fire.  Lilith, Lamashtu, Silent Death by Night.  Lilith, Lamashtu, Blackest Scourge:  We cry out to you.  You are being defiled.  Daesh, the cowardly worm, Daesh, the excrement of dogs, Daesh tracks filth everywhere they go.

Howling Wind, Warlike Daughter of Night, Fiercest of the Sisters, Lilith, Lamashtu, we summon you!
Avenger of Women, Enemy of the Sons of Oppression,  Lilith, Lamashtu, we summon you!
Demon Queen, Poison-Wife, Mistress of Darkness, Lilith, Lamashtu,
wipe Daesh from the earth!
With fire and wind and scouring sand, flail the flesh from their bones!
Empower their enemies, give strength to those whom they seek to destroy!
Lilith, Lamashtu, Flint-Bladed Knife of the Night:
Only their blood will make you clean again.
Only the deaths will bring back balance.  
Only their utter destruction will right the scales.

Kill them, O Lilith Lamashtu!  Kill the defiler.  Kill the rapist!
Scourge them, O Lilith Lamashtu  Scourge the enslaver!  Scourge the oppressor!
Pour out their blood on the sands, O Lilith Lamashtu!  Let it trickle into your dark places.
Crush their skulls with your stones, O Lilith Lamashtu!  Let their brains sink into the sands.
Scatter their organs to the scavengers, O Lilith Lamashtu!  Let vultures and jackals feast upon them.
Scour their bones with sand and wind, O Lilith Lamashtu!  Let their corpses be forgotten.
Lilith Lamashtu, Demon Queen, Screeching Owl, Howling Desert Wind, erase them and all they have wrought.
Lilith Lamashtu, Ancient One, Nameless One, Oldest Power of Darkness,
eat their souls, pale and powerless, whining ghosts, that they may never know peace!  
Eat their souls, that they may never be born again.
Eat their souls and be avenged.
Eat their souls and be sated.  
Eat their souls and return to your underworld home.

Saturday, August 22, 2015

The Mighty Hippopatamus

A random memory: The summer between 2nd and 3rd grade we moved to a new school district. Very early in the year, perhaps even the first day of school, in gifted class, we were asked what our spirit animal was (obviously, it was not phrased that way; I don't remember the exact question...something like "If you were an animal, what animal would you be?") I said "hippopotamus". Now, as a fat girl, that was not a wise choice. I was teased unmercifully about it for some time thereafter. Eventually, I denied I had ever even said such a thing, and forgot all about it. I wonder what that does to a spirit-animal...mocking, denying, and forgetting them. This echos what has become of the hippo in modern western culture; they are considered comical. Well, I am reclaiming that part of me. Hail Hippopotamus! In restitution for this insult, I have made a sin offering to the WWF to "adopt" an African Hippopotamus.
Hippopotami are fucking awesome. While herbivorous, they are among the most dangerous animals in Africa; more powerful by far than lions, more aggressive than crocodiles. They have no significant natural predators. Among the Zulu, they are the symbol of bravery. A Zulu would be somewhat offended to be told he was "brave as a lion"; instead, a warrior is described as "brave as a hippo". In Egypt, they were considered a symbol of both male virility and female mother-protectiveness.
Of all animals on earth, the hippo is the most similar to that common ancestor of both whale and elephant; the wisest of mammals. Alone among large animals, they are semi-aquatic. Legendarily, hippos sweat blood (although it is actually a reddish colored natural sunscreen they excrete). Hippos are a bit gender queer (ie, they do not exhibit much sexual dimorphism), and not particularly social. (just like me!)

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Sedna: Mother of the Cold Sea

Sedna by Antony Galbraith,

A friend and priestess of Apollo has recently told me that He says the single thing we magicians can do right now to help the entire planet is to work to strengthen the oceans.  In order to help, I've been instructed by Sedna to make her a sound.  Most of the gods and goddesses I work with come from the Near Eastern and Greek pantheons of my ancestors.  Recently, however, I've been starting to work with more American spirits.  Sedna, แ“ดแ“แ“‡, is the Inuit name for the Great Goddess of the Arctic Ocean; the Mother of Cold Sea.  While she is primarily known in the Arctic circle, I believe her to extend well into the Northern Atlantic, especially in Winter.  Wherever the icy arctic water reaches, there is Sedna.

My very first introduction to Sedna was in this folk song, by Canadian artist Heather Dale.

I immediately recognized my beloved cold-water goddess.  When I was young, my family went to the (midAtlantic) beach every year in the summer.  While my mother was not a fan, my father and I shared a love for the ocean.  One of my earliest memories is my father teaching me to jump waves..."put your arms out like superman, bend your knees, and as soon as you feel the sea begin to pull you, get ready, the wave is coming, get set....JUMP!"  Many years, especially after I was old enough to drive myself, I also visited in the winter, near my birthday (president's day weekend).  It was always clear to me that the ocean was ruled by different spirits at those times, and, as much as I love the summer ocean, it is the bone-cracking-cold winter Atlantic that holds my heart.

Sedna has a story for me to tell you, which isn't quite the usual story of her birth, but it is the story of how she came to be none the less.

Sedna, the 10th planet.
Sedna, the Mother of the Icy Seas.
Sedna, the Arctic Ocean, the Great Ice of the North.
The Gate at the Edge of Forever.
The Whale,  The Great One,
The Black Dragon of the North.
The Arctic Ocean.  The Great Wall of Ice.
The Daughter Sacrificed.
The victims, the daughters of the patriarchs.
The matriarch, deposed.
The Sea Witch.
The Daughter of Sea and Sky.
The Great Lady Below.

In ancient days, the ocean was cold, and still, and utterly lifeless, tohu wa bohu.
Father took Daughter out on the sea. 
A storm arose; Chaos blew over the surface of the waters.
Father was afraid.  Father blamed Daughter.
He cast her overboard, but she clung for life to the sides of the boat.
Father, afraid, took up the oar.  
Once, he bashed Daughter's fingers.  
Twice, he bashed at her hands.  
Daughter was cold.  Her hands turned to ice.
A third time, Father struck, and her fingers shattered. 
They fell into the sea and became whale, walrus, seal, and porpoise.  
Daughter sank down, to the bottom of the sea, and there she still resides.

So, it seems that's what Sedna had to say on the subject; I don't see how I could improve on that description (were it even my privilege to do so).

In lieu of physical offerings, Sedna desires charitable donations and work on behalf of the deep sea.
She will also accept the finest quality of eel sushi, thrown into the sea, north of the 45th parallel.

I have created an audio file at Sedna's instruction.  Listening to it will help you connect to Sedna, to all deep ocean spirits, arctic and other northern genius loci, and large arctic marine mammals.  It can also be used to help heal the teeth and jaws, the skull and spine.  

The sound also heals something else, something difficult for me to even explain.  This sound helps to heal mother-guilt, the injury done to the soul of a mother who (intentionally or not) injures her child.  It can heal your own mother-guilt, but also any ancestral/karmic mother-guilt you might have inherited. It WILL NOT heal father-guilt; I'll see if I can find someone else to take that on.  

It can also help heal the trauma experienced by a baby during a difficult birth, especially those of us born by cesarian section.

Sedna is not a friendly goddess;  she is mighty, wrathful, and does not give a shit about you.  DO NOT fuck around with her.   It is unlikely that just listening to this sound will provoke direct experience of her, but, should you find yourself in contact with Sedna, approach her respectfully.  The filth of humans poisons her children, chokes her seas, clogs her eyes and nose and mouth.  Our filth and waste is tangled in her hair.  Help her comb it out: gently, and lovingly, and in cognizance of your guilt.

This sound is VERY safe to use in the summer, or anywhere/when it is warm out.  A much more powerful, but potentially dangerous, experience can be had by working with it while cold, especially while submerged in cold water.  THIS IS FOR EXPERIENCED TRANCE WORKERS ONLY.

As with any healing magic, you might experience the "badness" leaving your body in a variety of forms, including as digestive gas, or emotional catharsis.  Try hard not to engage with / attach to anything the sound shakes loose, just let it flow out of you.  You might feel the need to move around your spine or jaws, and you might experience some popping as they subtly shift into alignment. However, if you experience pain, remove your headphones, turn off the sound, drink some water, and you will rapidly return to your normal state of consciousness.  Obviously, I'm not a doctor, and the sound can't substitute for actual medical care.  See a doctor!

Try to listen to it with headphones, or speakers with VERY good subwoofers.  There are some almost-too-low to hear sounds, including the so-called Pigeon tone, at 69.3 Hz.  

The audio opens with Heather Dale's song.  Please pay her for it!  You can buy the song (and many others!) here for $1.

After the song, the sound consists of various ocean noises, including nearly-subsonic fin whale signals recorded off the coast of Ireland.  Also included are a pseudo-solfeggio tone at 69.3 Hz, a a hollow mammoth tusk, a Tibetan frame drum, and a few other things.  There are no isochronics or binaurals; this sound is epileptic-safe.

Sunday, August 2, 2015

Throat Healing Sound

Surrender, by Mykal Aubry (

Most of you know I'm quite active in the Strategic Sorcery group founded by Jason Miller.  On Wednesday, I and three compatriots joined dozens of other magicians all over the globe in preforming a global Mercury rite.  I'm not permitted to disclose the details of that rite (I really do highly recommend Jason's class.  Even if ALL you got was entry into the group, that would be well worth the cost.)

My working partners and I have had great results so far.  J won a free cruise to the Bahamas.  B inherited a jaguar (a car, not a panther) from a rich grandfather he's never met.  Lots of other more personal things have clicked into place for all of us, particularly in the realms of travel and communication.

One piece of tech from the ritual I can share is that it involves a layered drone chant of the letter epsilon.  (eh sound).   While experimenting further with the sound, I found myself assuming the godform of ibis-headed Thoth.  This is a godform I assume quite often before I begin teaching (my IRL job), as well as whenever else I feel extra intellectual/spiritual authority.  It's a relatively easy shapechange, which is mostly just elongating the neck and curving the central channel forward after it exits the top of the skull.  In any case, it happened all on its own, and I received a very clear teaching on how to use the sound to heal both the physical neck, throat, upper spine, and thyroid, but also the energetic throat chakra and it's associated channels and whatnots.  The sound below was primarily designed by Thoth -Hermes, although he consulted Asclepious (a spirit I only recently met, while in Greece.  I'll tell you soon all about my experiences at the Asclepion of Epidarus).

I have a friend currently recovering from serious neck surgery, so I'm hoping that this was especially designed for him, but I certainly felt lots of crud clean up in my neck while I was making and testing it.  Please report your results back to me, either directly, or in the comments below.  UPDATE: Turns out I have a number of friends with less severe neck injuries as well.  Y'all need to take better care of your necks!

To use it, all you really have to do is sit or lie down and relax, while listening to the sound.  It will help if you can vocalize or hum along, but you don't really have to.  More complete instructions can be found here, and the sound itself is here.  Headphones are not necessary, but even low-quality headphones produce better sound quality than all but the best speakers.

The sound includes drone-chanting by myself, Jason Miller, and Jesse Dollar, some bells and Tibetan singing bowls, the 741 hz solfeggio harmonic, and some other aural goodies.  There are no isochronics or binaurals; this should be a very safe sound for everyone.

If you send me a recording of yourself saying "ehhhhhhhh", I will mix it in.  Why should you bother?  Two reasons...
(1) this will make the sound dramatically more potent for you.  The sound of your own voice mixed in will help you rapidly and fully attune to the noise.  At least personally, I find nothing so enchanting as the sound of my own voice ;)
(2) It provides a direct sympathetic link between you and the sound, so that you receive "trickle down" healing whenever anyone uses it.  (think of it like a Tibetan prayer wheel, accumulating blessings with every turn).