Sunday, August 2, 2015

Throat Healing Sound

Surrender, by Mykal Aubry (

Most of you know I'm quite active in the Strategic Sorcery group founded by Jason Miller.  On Wednesday, I and three compatriots joined dozens of other magicians all over the globe in preforming a global Mercury rite.  I'm not permitted to disclose the details of that rite (I really do highly recommend Jason's class.  Even if ALL you got was entry into the group, that would be well worth the cost.)

My working partners and I have had great results so far.  J won a free cruise to the Bahamas.  B inherited a jaguar (a car, not a panther) from a rich grandfather he's never met.  Lots of other more personal things have clicked into place for all of us, particularly in the realms of travel and communication.

One piece of tech from the ritual I can share is that it involves a layered drone chant of the letter epsilon.  (eh sound).   While experimenting further with the sound, I found myself assuming the godform of ibis-headed Thoth.  This is a godform I assume quite often before I begin teaching (my IRL job), as well as whenever else I feel extra intellectual/spiritual authority.  It's a relatively easy shapechange, which is mostly just elongating the neck and curving the central channel forward after it exits the top of the skull.  In any case, it happened all on its own, and I received a very clear teaching on how to use the sound to heal both the physical neck, throat, upper spine, and thyroid, but also the energetic throat chakra and it's associated channels and whatnots.  The sound below was primarily designed by Thoth -Hermes, although he consulted Asclepious (a spirit I only recently met, while in Greece.  I'll tell you soon all about my experiences at the Asclepion of Epidarus).

I have a friend currently recovering from serious neck surgery, so I'm hoping that this was especially designed for him, but I certainly felt lots of crud clean up in my neck while I was making and testing it.  Please report your results back to me, either directly, or in the comments below.  UPDATE: Turns out I have a number of friends with less severe neck injuries as well.  Y'all need to take better care of your necks!

To use it, all you really have to do is sit or lie down and relax, while listening to the sound.  It will help if you can vocalize or hum along, but you don't really have to.  More complete instructions can be found here, and the sound itself is here.  Headphones are not necessary, but even low-quality headphones produce better sound quality than all but the best speakers.

The sound includes drone-chanting by myself, Jason Miller, and Jesse Dollar, some bells and Tibetan singing bowls, the 741 hz solfeggio harmonic, and some other aural goodies.  There are no isochronics or binaurals; this should be a very safe sound for everyone.

If you send me a recording of yourself saying "ehhhhhhhh", I will mix it in.  Why should you bother?  Two reasons...
(1) this will make the sound dramatically more potent for you.  The sound of your own voice mixed in will help you rapidly and fully attune to the noise.  At least personally, I find nothing so enchanting as the sound of my own voice ;)
(2) It provides a direct sympathetic link between you and the sound, so that you receive "trickle down" healing whenever anyone uses it.  (think of it like a Tibetan prayer wheel, accumulating blessings with every turn).

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  1. The painting is titled "Surrender" and it's by Mykal Aubry (