Wednesday, August 14, 2013

On being a muse

Sometimes, I think that I'm not really a magician at all.  I'm just an initiator; a muse for other people's magic.  I mean, I have a very good track record of turning people onto magic, and teaching it to them.  I get amazing results when I work with other people.  Even if the only way I involve them is just convincing them that I'm doing magic, and then they do the magic for me without even realizing.


  1. Hi Sara, I was reading Hagar the Egyptian just this afternoon, well, I wanted Sarah the Priestess but it's taking a bit longer that I thought to reach Europe.
    I thought that maybe you think that you do best magical work through others because of all the work/identification you have with Sarah and you can only have your "babies" (metaphorically speaking) through others, just as Sarah got a heir via Hagar.
    Just a thought.

  2. I missed this comment when you wrote it, but that's extremely fascinating. Thanks! Perhaps that means I will birth an Isaac late in life. :)