Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Hakim al Hakhan

In a dream last night, a new (to me) magical name was taught to me; "Hakim al Hakhan".  As near as I can tell, it translates to something like "The Wise King."  Hakim is a common Arabic first name.  It also means (says Wikipedia; it's not like I speak Arabic) "wise man", "traditional physician", "judge", "ruler".  It doesn't seem like much of a stretch to understand it to mean "magician" in the classic sense.  "Al Hakim" is one of the 99 Names of God, and usually translated as "The All Wise".  "Hakhan" seems to be of Turkish origin, and is a fusion of two words that both basically mean "ruler", "Han" (tribal chief / earl) and "Khagan" (regional lord / king).  A "Hakhan" is higher than both of them (maybe like "emperor")

In the dream, there was also a sort of hiroglyph/ideogram for the name, which looked something like this, but maybe with a circle on top instead of a square, and maybe more slanty and calligraphic?  I don't really remember. I'm usually pretty ok with sounds, but very bad at pictures, so this might be entirely wrong. There was also more to the dream that I can't remember.  I'll try scrying for it tonight if I have time.  I'm so swamped at work right now with administrative stuff that's important, but not very fun.  I sometimes miss last year when I just taught smart kids, and wasn't in charge of anything.  But then, I remember that the reasons everything is broken is because the people who used to be in charge were incompetent, so I think if we want it done right, Merlin (my boss/work-bff and I have to do it.
Since it's almost the equinox, the evening Mercury hour is actually at 9 tonight, and almost exactly an hour, so if it works, I should have details up here by 10:30 at the latest.  (BTW, it's Wednesday, and that means Hermes petitions.  Email me if you want me to talk to Hermes for you.)

In the dream, I had the sense that this wasn't a Holy Name of G0d, but rather a name for some higher being of the Mercurial current, like Hermes or Ophiel.  Maybe even a djinn.  I might try scrying it again during Sunday's hour of Mercury if tonight doesn't work.  Sun+Mercury seems like the right mix of "currents", but the Sun hours tonight are at 7pm (I'll barely be home in work) and 2am (WAY past my bedtime), so I don't think I can do either one.

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