Friday, October 31, 2014


In addition to ancestors, I like to call on my ancestral names.  I call Sara:

Sara (me),

Nan Sara (my great grandmother),

Sarah, the daughter of Abraham, the student of Abramelin (a fictional Jewish sorceress from 15th century Germany I'm slowly receiving a novel about).

This image is from the cover of a book called The Witch of Cologne, by Tobsha Learner, which I strongly recommend.  Although there is some similarity between the set-up of this book and mine (they're both about witchy Jewish medics from the 15th century), they're actually quite different.

Sarah of St. Giles, a 14th century Jewish French physician (whom I suspect both Ms. Learner and I were inspired by)

Black Sara, the patron saint of the Romani (Gypsy), and a companion of the Mary Theotokos and Mary Magdalene.

Sarah, the mother of Isaac, the First Mother of Judaism,

Who is also Sarah, the priestess of Mamre,

I think this painting is by Patty Van Dyke.

Sarai, the high priestess of Shaddai

artwork by Brian Charles

Astarte, the great Lion, the the Sphinx, the Circle of Stars

Ashera, the Queen of Heaven, the Mother of Trees

Asasara, the Minoan Snake Goddess

and the Venus of Chauvet, the Great Lioness

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