Saturday, December 6, 2014

A Dream

I am driving through whiteness, bright light.
I am a dragon flying.
I am an angel, rising.
rising.  up thought the clouds
up out of the atmosphere (a brief thought:  can I breathe?  should I turn back?  No.  That's stupid.  angels don't ned to breathe.  Or, possible, angels breathe starlight.)
up up up. bigger and bigger.  (how big? planet sized)
the Earth (but perhaps a metaphor for all creation?)
hangs in the center of space
a circle of shining beings (of whom I am one?), but one in particular.
they're are doing things to the earth; pouring a moat around it?  I think I do that.
fidgeting with in in subtle ways.
a circle of stars, a college of Elohim.  glowing beings made out of light?  but one in particular.
he's been waiting a long time.
I kiss him.  not a sexy kiss, but a loving kiss.
the sky fills with ravens
he dies.  falls?  incarnates?  I think I took his angelic nature.  he gave it to me.  he was done with it.  he wanted to be a person instead (which I get.  It's awesome.  sweet dreams!)
he fell.
i could have stayed, but it was enough for now.
I will go again, now that I know the way.
next time (soon, anway) I will learn to descend without falling.

also, maybe something about an elephant ring?

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