Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Romantic Love Drawing Incense

This is a quick, easy recipe for love drawing incense.  You can modify it however you like,  The measurements are approximate, as all natural materials vary widely in potency.  This recipe was designed for use by women to draw men, but I don't really see why it wouldn't work for other people.  Really, I think you can use it for any Love or Venus magic.

Scent Ingredients (all plant material is dry, if using fresh, you will need much more)

  • 6 parts red rose petals (these can be purchased quite cheaply at Indian or Middle Eastern grocers)
  • 3 part jasmine blossoms
  • 1 part mugwort
  • 1 part dried berries (raspberries, blackberries, strawberries, etc)
  • 1 part ceylon cinnamon
  • 2 parts powdered frankincense
  • 1 part honey

Magical Materia (You don't need to add all (or, really, any) of them, and you can add others too.  Anything you have that's full of lovey-dovey juju will work)
  • roses of sentimental value (I use roses my late father gave my late mother)
  • 1 freshwater pearl, crushed
  • 7 drops of your own blood
  • a little bit of "vital essence"
  • 1 white goose, swan, dove, or pigeon feather (it's better to find this than buy it, I think)  
    • "rip" apart the barbs (the soft part) so they are separate
    • with scissors, cut the barbs (the soft bits) off of the rachis (the hard "stalk" in the middle) in small pieces, directly into the incense
  • a couple of clovers, from a "magic spot"
  • a dried honey bee, crushed into powder
  • a small piece of honey comb
  • a pinch of copper filings (this produces an awesome green aura when burnt)
  • crumbs of wedding cake
  • dirt from the graves of a happy couple

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