Friday, January 1, 2016

31 Days of Magic #1: Candle Spell

My Strategic Sorcery group is sponsoring an open magic challenge; preform a different piece of spellcraft every day in January.  If you'd like to play along, here's the calendar.

I've decided that I'm going to work one giant spell with 31 parts over the month.  I don't want to talk too too much about it until it's all done, but it revolves around the theme of "clarity", especially clarity of memories and clarity of intuition, but also mental focus and clarity.

Tonight, I worked a candle spell to illuminate the way.  I began with a yellow 7day novena candle, which I dedicated to Golden Crowned Phoebe. The Titanis Phoebe, the mother of Asteria and Leto, the grandmother of Hekate, Artemis, and Apollo, is called "The Shining One".  She inherited the Oracle at Delphi from her sister, Themis, and passed it on to her grandson, Apollo.

Golden Crowned Phoebe, you may recall, was recommended to me by Venus of the Red Rose.  She "shades Moon with Sun, granting insight of the Unseen, Clarity of Dream, and Shimmering Radiance."  I have not worked with her directly before, although I once undertook a (very successful)  great work with her granddaughters.

And, so, today, on the first day of 2016, I light a candle for Golden Crowned Phoebe, the Shining Goddess of Insight, and asked for a dream revelation to begin my work.  I wrote Phoebe's name on the candle, and anointed it with Wolf & Goat's clarity oil, which I also applied to my third eye. and temples.  I set some of Strega Babe's Clarity bath herbs to burn as an incense.  I asked her to Illuminate the Work ahead, to bear a torch for me in the darkness.  Already, I can feel the work beginning to take shape.

Moon Goddess, by Josephine Wall

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