Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Mars Talismans

Just as our culture devalues Venus as a barbie doll sex kitten, it also twists Mars into an expendable barbarian. And yet Māvors is so much more; the Father of the Latins, the Great God of the Plough, the Protector of the Weak, the power that gives virility to man and bull and field, the Warrior and the WarLock, the Good Man.
Coming soon from Mastros & Zealot: Witches for Hire: Mars talismans. These small "muggle-approved" locket pendants can be worn as a pendant or on a keychain. However, they open to reveal oil impregnated scrolls which carry the blessing of the great god Mars. These amulets provide a direct link to Mars, the Roman god. They include instructions for use as protection against violence and war, to gain victory in all martial endeavors, to empower those who fight for justice, to aid in developing physical strength, to attract a male sex partner, to appear more "butch" (not matter your gender identity), and to help with male impotence or infertility, but they can also be used for any kind of martial magic. By invoking Mars in his name Silvanus, they are also excellent to empower acts of militant environmentalist or anti-capitalist activism, although instructions are not provided for this use.
As with all our offerings, complete instructions to make your own are available below, but you can also pre-order one now for $99. Only a very limited number will be made that are not already spoken for. Please pre-order!!! These will ship the first week in December. Order here: http://mastroszealot.com/store…
To make a talisman of your own, you will need:
-a locket or other wearable container with 16 spears depicted on it
-paper impregnated with basil seeds
-dragons' blood ink
-a woodpecker feather you found in a forest, cut as a quill
-a bit of fur from a black bear
-a dead wasp
-Dragon Fire oil (which you can buy from Mastros & Zealot, or make your own by compounding dragons' blood resin, cinnamon, black pepper, and crushed blackthorns, iron filings, ash from a thunderstruck oak, and other martial ingredients of your choice in a base of pecan and olive oil)
-4 red candles, each with 4 spears drawn on it
-a couple of sex magicians, at least one of whom is male.
-a martial artist
-an offering of a goat, pig, cow, or buffalo (I use Heifer International to make these)
At the hour of Mars on a Tuesday:
Light the first of the red candles. In its flame, burn the wasp and bear fur to ash, and add it to the oil.
Light the second red candle, and then inscribe the first fragment of the Carmen Saliare, "divum +empta+ cante divum deo supplicate" on a small piece of the basil paper using the woodpecker quill and dragonsblood ink.
Light the third candle. Speak from your heart, extolling the great god Mars. Pour out a small offering of blood to him, asking him to invest the amulet with his power.
Light the fourth red candle, and arrange the candles in the square around the amulet(s).
When the crafter feels they have been fully charged, the amulets should be given to the martial artist to wear while (s)he makes an offering of his art. He must train, while wearing the amulets, for several hours, during which time he ought to partake of the energy of snake, cock, bear, horse, lion, and dragon. Additional animal energies are even better. If possible, he should employ several weapons during the charging. While training, he ought to speak to Mars from his heart, extolling him as the god of warriors and warlocks, and asking him to empower the amulet with his essence.
After the martial artist feels they have been fully charged, they should be given to the couple. The man should wear them during sex, while he takes on the character of (full trance possession is ideal) Mars. The other sex partner should speak from her/his heart during the sex, extolling the Great God Mars as the virility of the hard cock, the impregnating essence, the plough and the spear. (be VERY careful with your birth control while doing this)
When all this has been accomplished, make an offering of a goat, sheep, cow, or buffalo to the god. You can kill an animal and spill its blood on the earth, but I prefer to give an animal, dedicated to the god, to a subsistence farming family, with the understanding that they will give away its offspring to further empower others in their community. I use Heifer International for this.

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