Friday, September 7, 2012

Shabbat Shul Shopping

It's the first sabbath of the school year tonight.  Because I've lived my whole life on a school calendar, either as a teacher or a student, for me, new years really do start in the fall.  I'm sort of missing having a "spiritual community" to worship with.  I LOVED my community in Pittsburgh (the Pillar of me and I'll send you details), but I haven't really been able to find anything in CT yet.  I went to Romemu (a very progressive Renewal neo-chassidic shul in Manhattan, which was ok) a couple of times last year, but now that I moved to New Haven, that's just too far (and it was a little too mega-church for me).

I asked my boss (who, since he's the headmaster of a Jewish school, pretty much knows all the local congregations), and he says there's not any particularly progressive shul; they're all "fairly run of the mill".   I'd really like to start a thing here, but I don't think there's enough interest.  Sigh.  So, short story is, if you know anyone near New Haven CT (maybe at Yale?) who might be interested in heretical Judaism, tell them to email me!

About my school:  I'm the head of math at the Jewish High School of CT, which is a really progressive, pluralistic high school in New Haven CT.  I was worried about taking a job at a religious school (being, as I am, a Satanist), but I'm happy I did.  There were some growing pains last year, but it's a great school.  We've got hard-core academics, and really walk the walk when it comes to pluralism...I mean, I hear the math teacher is a bisexual, pink-haired heretic and a sorceress! :)

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