Sunday, January 26, 2014

The Thunder, Perfect Mind

The Thunder, Perfect Mind is a gnostic poem from the Nag Hammadi corpus.  Since the first time I read it in my early 20s, I've always been very drawn to it.  For me, it's most closely associated with Shekhina-El.  (the presence above you in the LBRP or B'Shem Hashem). I wrote a little about B'shem Hashem here.  There's also a link to a recording of Neshama Carlbach singing it there.  Apparently, she associates B'shem Hashem with lightning also.

My recent Shakti work has brought it to mind again.  I've made a recording of it.  If you'd like to experience the feeling I get from the poem, and from Shekhinat-El, just listen to the recording while in a trance state.  You might want to do a LBRP or B'Shem Hashem first to call the Presence.

The drumming in the background is by Michael Drake.  It's his "lightening being journey" and can be purchased for $1.  If you like it, please buy it.  I highly recommend his drumming, check out his other stuff too.   He also has instructional cds, which I can't vouch for, but seem like they'd be awesome. (Puck, you should check them out and report back to us.  I'm especially interested in a review of this one.)

The "music" in the background was originally this, but I've pretty heavily altered it.  All the sounds on this site are great.  I recommend it too, and am a donor.

The complete text of the poem, in two different translations, can be found here (George MacRay) and here (Anne McGuire).  The recording hews closely to the MacRay translation, but at a few points, I felt moved to say it a little differently, and I did my best to fill in the gaps where the text was missing or corrupted.  Listen.

I'm very eager for feedback on this.  Please let me know what you think of it if you listen.  It's just over 16 minutes long.  There are no isochronics, but the drumming has a quite similar effect.  I wouldn't listen to it while driving or etc.  Unless you have high quality speakers with subwoofers, I'd recommend headphones.

In response to questions:
1) I didn't alter my voice.  That's just what I sound like when I'm in trance.
2) That's not EVP in the background near minute 6; it's my noisy upstairs neighbors.

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