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Untying Kundalini Knots

First, read this:  This blog post is the "more details" I promised.

If you don't understand what I mean by "4 or 5 dimensional space", you might try this article:
I assign this article to 13-year-olds, so I'm sure you can manage it.

Recall: By necessity, all of this is, to some extent, metaphoric.  Where I feel like the metaphors are particularly misleading, I tried to use "scare quotes".

Disclaimers done, here we go:

To begin with, a brief description of the problem.  For various complicated reasons I don't really understand, our internal energy channels can get "gunked up" in multiple ways.  The first way is that psychological/karmic  "plaque" can get stick to the inside walls, like cholesterol inside a vein.

These blockages can be flushed out (at least it's been working for me) by imagining a warm bubbling fluid passing through the channel melting/dissolving them.  Once they become "unstuck" they can be flushed out through normal bodily processes (exhalation, excretion, menstruation, etc)  I find listening to running water sounds quite helpful in imagining this.
(start the video at 1:06)

Another kind of blockage is like a bubble.  Popping these feels very much like popping your knuckles or cracking your back.  It is very satisfying, and a warmth spreads after they are popped.  I've been mostly doing this with belly dancing and pranayama, but I expect yoga or tai chi or any other kind of internal energy work would work equally well.

The last kind of blockage (that I've thus discovered; I'm sure there are other kinds) is more complicated.  It's like a knot in a garden hose.  This is where I do the weird 5 dimensional magics.  Because it is hard to explain things in 5d, instead of imagining yourself as a 3d person with a 2d channel inside of you, imagine yourself as 2d drawing of a person with a 1d channel (a line) running up your middle.

The channel runs up your center, and there is a knot in it.  To the (1d) energy in the channel, the knot seems like a wall.  From the 2d perspective (the paper), it's smaller and more complicated, but still intractable.  However, by "zooming out" to a third dimension (looking "down" on the paper), it becomes clear that the knot is twisted through the third dimension. The lines that appear to be "crossing" or "blocking" each other are actually going one "over" the other.  "It's like an overpass, not an intersection."

Imagine you have a coin on a piece of paper, and you draw large box around it.  How do you get the coin out of it's circular cage without crossing the line?  Just pick it up, move it over the circle, and put it back down on the other side.

That being said, some knots cannot be "pulled apart" even in 3d (without passing an end through a loop, but since the channel is actually a loop, that's not an option).  Even those knots, however, can sometimes be easily slipped apart in 4 or 5d.  However, while we humans can see the underlying 4d nature of the problem, and even grasp its 5d nature, actually manipulating things in 5d is not a thing I can do (and I'm really quite good at visualizing 4 and 5 d stuff compared to most people.  I spent many years and most a phD in theoretical math training to do just that.)  This diagram may or may not be clear to people who do not have that training:

Similarly, a kundalini knot is a 3d channel "tied" through a 5th dimension.  Sort of like a klein bottle is a 3d channel "tied" through a 4th dimension.

So, instead of having to unknot it in 5d, you can do the crazy Vortex trick, which requires only 4d manipulation. Raise kundalini energy to the chakra just below the knot.   "Tie off" the chakra below the blockage, so energy can not descend from there.  Now, "tesser" by moving along a path perpendicular to the 3d knot.  (ie "pick the coin up" and move it "over" the "circle").  One you're on the other side of the knot, loosen the "cork" at the top of the "klein bottle".

I know that last part wasn't very clear.  I'll try to think about how to explain it better and try again soon.

Continue wiggling until the cork "pops".  The cork will then fall into the chakra below, and can be excreted as before.

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