Monday, March 23, 2015

Jupiter Noise

As most of you know, I've been doing a lot of experiment with trance-induction noises and audio rituals.  If you haven't tried my "Descent of the Seven Gates" ritual to induce past life memories, you can try it here.  NOTICE:  This ritual is for EXPERIENCED TRANCE WORKERS ONLY!  It DOES NOT include guidance on exiting the underworld once you are there.  There's a beginner's version here:

In conjunction with Jason Miller's Strategic Sorcery "alumni" group (which is AMAZING; admission to the group would be worth the price of the classes, even if the classes weren't awesome, and they are.  BUY THEM!), I did a Jupiter rite this Friday evening.  I can't disclose the full details of the ritual, because it's a group-only secret, but part of it involves the chanting mantra "Iovis Optimus Maximus".

I made a Jupiter mantra chanting sound that I'm really quite proud of.  In this recording, you'' hear some thunder noises, several layers of me chanting, a friend chanting,  Michael Drake drumming a "lightning" rhythm, and two layers of Jason Miller (he's intoning "ewww", the sound of the Greek letter upsilon, classically associated with the celestial sphere of Jupiter, and also him chanting the mantra), and our friend Bela Belladonna doing some chanting.

Listen or download here: Jupiter.mp3

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