Thursday, June 11, 2015

Three Treasures in a Bottle

not the actual potion, obviously

I have a close friend who's been very unwell, and in need of a magical pick-me-up.  I joked that, if I could bottle my energy for him, I would.  And then I started to think...maybe I could bottle it.  Thus was born Three Treasures in a Bottle tonic oil.  This isn't the EXACT recipe I made, but it will give you the idea.  (trade secrets, and all that)

I started with a fragrant base.  This isn't a perfume oil, but it's still (to some extent) the scent of it that carries the power.  I blended a selection of oils I had on hand, including holy annointing oil, van van, neroli, myrrh, elemental flame,  healing, and (faux) ambergris.  I did this until I got something that smelled spicy, hot, and pleasant.

Then I started adding the mojo...

  • 1 star anise from my solar altar
  • 1 yellow rose petal from the solar altar
  • 1 small green turquoise from my mercury altar
  • 1 iron skeleton key, blessed by Hekate at Halloween
  • 1 dried red rose petal, given by my late father to my late mother on a long ago anniversary
  • 3 small snake vertebra
  • 1 small opal
  • 3 small lava stones
  • 1 small piece of lightning struck oak
  • 1 small sunstone
  • gold dust
  • 3 small quartz points 
  • a few drops of my blood
  • a few drops of my "vital elixir" (wink, wink...nudge, nudge)
  • a few drops of my tears
All placed in a small glass jar, shaken, and wrapped with red silk.

I prayed over it, asked my ancestors to imbue it, and set it overnight on the solar altar, etc, etc...

UPDATE: Several people have asked about the inclusion of my bodily fluids in this potion, so I thought I'd write a little about that.  First off, I might have undersold things in the first line.  I made this not for an acquaintance who's under the weather, but for a very close friend and Working partner who's seriously ill.  I would never, under any circumstances, give bodily fluids to someone I didn't completely trust, especially not another practitioner.

If you're not willing to bleed and cum and cry for someone, then this isn't the potion to make them, because (and I would have thought this was obvious), that's exactly what you're doing when you make it.  You tease out a piece of your soul and amplify and alchemize it into something you can bottle; a magical transfusion.

Why blood?  Blood is qi, pneuma, nefesh, the breath of life, the force that animates and enlivens.  This is the most physical of the "magical energies".  It's the energy you make out of food and breath and sleep; it's the caloric heat that powers everyday life.  It's the stem cells you grew out of, and the nutrition your decaying body gives back to the earth.

Why sexual fluids?  Female sexual ejaculate is some complicated stuff, magically (and mundanely; I'm told some people don't even believe they exist).  But, in this particular working, they stood in for jing, the yin essence of the energetic body.  It's the energy you inherit from your parents, and what your children are made out of.  More or less, you've got however much you've got; it takes magic to renew it.

Why tears?  To me, tears are the emotional fluid, the carriers of shen, the fluid of the deepest soul, the divine fire inside, neshema.  Magic, at least my magic, is impotent without passion, and tears are the primordial sea out of which pathos arises.  This is the god you used to be and the god you are growing into, the author of all our sorcery.

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