Friday, June 12, 2015

Bring the Noise

Someone on facebook requested a complete list of my public audio rituals.  This isn't quite complete, but it's most of them:


UPDATE: Throat healing Mercury mix.

  • Jupiter mantra mix, 25 minutes.  Not for looping
    • designed to accompany Jason Miller's Global Jupiter Rite, but good for any kind of a Jovial work
    • featuring: mantra by Sara Mastros, Jason Miller, and Bella Belladonna with Michael Drake on drums
    • includes binaurals.  NOT FOR USE BY EPILEPTICS (email me for a binaural-free mix)
  • Serpent noise
    • featuring John Stein's naga mantra, Makis Fragios in Greek, Siany Abdul in Welsh, and Christopher Lee (not that one) with some bad ass hissing.  I'm not 100% satisfied with this one; I'll probably remix it at some point.
  • Aphrodite mantra mix. 32 minutes.  DO NOT LOOP
    • designed for use by female(ish) magicians and trance-workers, but men are free to try it
    • featuring Alison Chicosky, Heather Stanley, April Casler, Michelle Magenta, and Verity Walsh in Greek. 
    • Greek lyrics from Sappho's Hymn to Aphrodite.  English lyrics are a very loose translation
    • STRONG isochronics.  Not for use by epileptics.  If your head starts to hurt, remove your headphones, sit down, and drink some water.
  • Helios mantra mix.  loopable
    • designed to accompany the Strategic Sorcery global rite, but good for all solar work.
    • fine for beginners
    • includes Psalm 104, the Orphic Hymn to Helios #8, and 21,000 mantra repetitions
  • Hekate Mantra.  loopable
    • me and Siany Abdul
    • this is one of my first.  it's not that good.

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