Friday, April 15, 2016

How To: Spirit Communication

A friend asked: "I'm curious in what ways you communicate with deities, intelligences, and misc you actually hear a voice in your head.? How does one strengthen their psychic ability to communicate with these beings.? I've been on a spiritual path for a long time communing with different spirits and deities, practicing meditation and visualization but I've never come close to piercing the Veil and hearing the distinct communication of a separate intelligence..."

For many, many years, I never got clear distinct communication either.  Here's a "streamlined with 20/20 hindsight" version of how I learned to do it.

For me, the most effective technique for a long time was automatic writing.  I wrote a brief intro for a student about that technique several years ago, so you might want to read that first, if you haven't.

It was many, many years of practice before I got from there to a voice in my head, and even then, I can get that only sporadically, and only with some spirits.  Here's how I got from there to here:

  1. REGULAR practice with automatic writing.  At least once a week.
  2. MUCH deeper trance.  If you can safely drive, you're not nearly deep enough.  If you can safely walk in a city, you're not deep enough.  However, over time, you'll learn to do it in less deep trance.
  3. Training in shamanism.  This is my teacher, whom I love enough to drive 4 hours (each way) for each lesson, but you should probably try to find a teacher local to you.
  4. However, what really helped me was working with spirits to get better at working with spirits, which is what I'm going to teach below.  This method is just how I do it; it's intended to inspire you to create your own method, but you could probably just follow it like a recipe if you wanted.
  5. Reframing the problem from being able to perceive spirits as being able to remember the perceptions.
Choose a spirit associated with revelation.  I worked with the angel Arbatel, with whom I already had a close connection, but Gabriel, Helios, Apollo, Phoebe (the Titaness, not the Moon), and Hermes all spring immediately to my mind as excellent choices, but I get on really well with all of them (except Apollo, who is not really my cup of tea).  Anyone Mercurial or Solar will probably work. Someone with whom you already have a connection is better than someone new.

Next, choose a color you associate with them.  I would think white, gold, yellow, and silver are the colors I mostly associate with that sort of creature, but YMMV.  Get a candle that color, and on it write their name with a sharpie marker.  Choose an incense you like; I really like Mastros & Zealot's "Dream and Journey" incense for this, but plain frankincense would also be nice.  Resin on coal is way better than sticks or cones, because we want smoke.  (pro tip: adding a very small amount of honey to loose incense will produce huge, thick, heavy, sweet clouds of incense) . Fill a pretty glass with water.  Make an opening oration to the spirit, something like this:

"Golden Crowned Phoebe, Brilliant Grandmother, Shining One, goddess of prophecy, goddess of intellect. Holy Mind, Beloved Queen of Thought, Oracular Intellect, Shining Eye That Pierces Every Veil, bring me Clarity. Lend me the strength to see what lies ahead, lend me the strength to face it. Beloved Phoebe, Shining One, lend me your eyes to see and your ears to hear.  Lend me your wisdom and your clarity, your foresight and your brilliance. Help me shine, shine, shine!!"

[in my magical circle "shiny" is slang for "charismatic", "inspired" and "overtly supernatural"]

"Phoebe, Shining One, eldest of your name, mother of Asteria, mother of Leto, grandmother of Apollo, grandmother of Artemis, grandmother of Hekate, wellspring of prophecy, wellspring of mediumship, bless me now!  Come to me, work with me, empower me.  Open my eyes that I might see your Brilliance and open my ears that I might hear your Ringing Voice.  Help me to perceive, and help me to remember all that I perceive.  I kindle flame for you, Shining One!  I burn frankincense for you!  I have poured water for you, but I want to do more!  I want to pour out libations in your name!  I want to bake you cakes and sing hymns to you, and make grand and public gestures in your name, but I cannot without your word.  Speak to me now!  Appear to me now! Whatever reasonable thing you ask of me in the next five minutes, if I hear your request, I will honor it as well as I am able."

Wait five minutes.  No more.  If you hear something, then it worked!  Give everything that was asked and more!  If not, then proceed like this....

"Blessed Grandmother, I am sorry, Shining One, I cannot yet hear you.  I beg you to empower me to continue improving in my mediumship, so that soon I will hear your voice, and be able to honor you with offerings.  I will call again tomorrow.  Thank you for your help.  If there is more you would like to communicate to me, please visit me tonight in my dreams."

Now, this is important: DO NOT make ANY offerings other than fire, water, and incense until you hear a sufficiently clear communication that you are convinced it was genuine.  Ideally, make very elaborate offerings to other spirits within sight of the candle for your mediumship teacher.  Look over at her candle and say aloud "I'm sorry I can't give you offerings like this, but I can't hear what you want."

Most people should get results in a few weeks.