Sunday, July 17, 2016

How To: Dark Mirror Scrying, part two

Part One of this post.

Sorry it took so long to write part two.  I forgot about it.  If there's ever a post that you want me to write more about PLEASE tell me in the comments.

So, in the last lesson, we learned the right state for one's eyes to be in while scrying.  Next, we'll learn where to find the visions.  Finally, we'll learn the magic for making the visions be the right ones, and not just random gibberish.

The next thing to do is to learn how to see things that aren't there.  Step one is to read the wikipedia article on pareidolia.

Next, you need to pick a surface to watch on.  When beginning, I believe that, by far, the easiest thing to start with is clouds.  Choose a sunny, pleasant day when their are clouds in the sky, and lie down somewhere with an unobstructed view of the clouds.  Because the clouds are far away, it should be easy to focus on them while keeping your eyes "open".  Try to look through the clouds, the very edges of the universe.  Watch for figures that appear and dissipate in the clouds.  For right now, don't try to interpret them, just call them out as you see them.  You might see animals, faces, or even whole scenes.  Do this for at least an hour.  It is best to practice this exercise whenever you can, even if only for a minute or two.  (you don't have to lie down for short sessions)  Again, there is no magic to this, it's an inherent skill all humans have, but some adults have forgotten.

Once you have re-taught yourself this skill you surely had in childhood of seeing visions in the clouds, move on to a slightly harder version: seeing visions on the ceiling.  The ideal ceilings for this are the kind with a texture to the plaster.  If you don't have that kind, that's ok too.
The ceiling in my new (temporary) ceiling has an excellent pattern for scrying.  The fractal-ish branch/splotches mean I get a lot of tree roots and mountains and antlers and blood vessels in my visions here.
Lie back on your bed or sofa, and let your eyes drift open.  Stare up at the ceiling and let your mind wander.  Don't try to empty your mind, or quiet it, just let it chatter on in the background, while you mostly don't pay attention to it, like a bore at a cocktail party, thinking your own thoughts, dreaming your own daydreams.  Put some trippy music on if you want.  Watch the ceiling, and look into and through the texture with your open eyes.  Slowly, images will begin to appear and move, crawling, and slithering, shifting and morphing.  Just watch, mellow and open, and call out the images as you see them, as if describing shapes in the clouds to an invisible lover.  (this makes it easier to remember what you have seen, and it helps settle the images, by naming them)  For now, don't try to interpret them, or ask any questions. This should be fun!  Don't concentrate on trying to make images appear, or they will flee.  Just chill out, watch with the mindset of a stones hippy, laying on a hillside, watching shapes in the clouds.  If you're really having trouble, the Great Green Goddess of the Hippies will teach you, but you need to learn to do it without her assistance eventually.

Part three, with the actual magic, later tonight.

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