Thursday, July 21, 2016

Oil-extraction of aromatic terpinoids

A friend asked how I make my herb butter.  This is how:

These are general instructions for making an infused oil or butter.  They are good for any kind of herbal potion where you want to isolate the oil-soluble components from the water-soluble ones.  It is especially good for extracting aromatic terpenoids.

The first step is "potentiate" and awaken the herb in question however seems best to you.  Call to its spirit, and ask it to awaken this part of itself.  For some plant spirits, you will want to slowly warm the herb in the oven, but DO NOT brown it.

These instructions assume about 1/4 of an ounce of dried herb to 1 stick (1/2 cup) of butter, but you can change the proportions depending on what the butter is for.  You can also use any other kind of edible oil, solid or liquid.  I usually make 2 sticks at a time.

Next, you want to grind the herb very fine, powdered is best.  I use a Mr. Coffee grinder, which I am very happy with.

You will now need a smallish (1-2 quart) ceramic or pyrex bowl or casserole dish and a crock pot.  Put about an inch of water in the bottom of your crock pot.   Fill the dish halfway up with water, then add the butter and the ground herb.

Put the bowl in the crock pot, cover, and set on low.

Wait at least 4 hours, but no more than 12.  Your whole house is going to smell like the herb in question.  Check on your mixture, and stir it.  The water should be green (because chlorophyll is water soluble).  Take the dish out of the crock pot, and transfer it to the fridge until the butter re-hardens.

Pop the butter of the water.  Throw out the water (or reserve it to cook with, for the garden, or for spellwork).  Pour new water, and put the butter back in.  Put the dish back in the crockpot, set it on low, and wait 4-12 hours again.

This time, the water should be much less green.  If it is still very green, repeat one more time.

After you have popped your cold butter off, dry it on a paper towel.  Put it in a pot or bowl with no water, and melt it.  DO NOT LET IT BUBBLE.  Pour the melted butter slowly through cheesecloth or a strainer to remove the herb particles.  Store in the fridge indefinitely.  Can be used anywhere normal butter is, including for baking brownies or making grilled cheese or garlic bread (my favorite uses).  It's also an excellent spell component, can be burned in a oil lamp, or used an an anointing salve Many oil-soluble chemicals can cross into the bloodstream in low doses this way, but it is a MUCH smaller dose than eating the same amount.