Monday, August 1, 2016

Jupiter's Recipe

This evening, several local magicians and I worked a global Jupiter ritual (still open for 2 more days!) For a group that hasn't worked together before, it went EXTREMELY well.   Among the prophecies was that we are in "the time between the lightning and the thunder".  

As part of the ritual someone asked Jupiter how "to increase the bounty and happiness of the magical community in Pittsburgh". We received a recipe for a ritual, that included collecting several local supplies (water from the three rivers, some special brickdust, "something small and red from the Carnegie Museum") and brewing them into a sort of potion.  Then, we learned five special points around the city to pour the brew, and we were instructed to have a BonFire in the middle (which turns out to be Panther Hollow).  We'll be working Friday, September 16th.  (NOTICE DATE CHANGE)

If you'd like to participate with us, please email me at or visit

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