Saturday, August 27, 2016

VERIFIED Personal Gnosis

Remember a few years ago, when I told you about Asulzaz, the Guardian of Forever?  A spirit I had found "floating around" the edges of my consciousness?  Remember how,  I described my fuzzy vision (I am not very visual) to Brian, and he drew a sketch?

Here is the card called "Creator of Time" from the new Quaeria deck I told you about...

So, you know.  That happened. :)

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  1. Fascinating. Really fascinating.

    Just so you know: the Foundation for Shamanic Studies teaches a few journeys that are so predictable in the content they evoke in the spirits we work with, that a class of ninety people all received a paraphrase of the same words in response to the journey question. They use those journeys to help the students stop doubting themselves, and trust their spirits more.