Saturday, November 8, 2014


Remember the one-eyed mammoth I was working with last year?  This post is just a place to put all the pictures and links, etc that have to do with him, in case anyone else wants to try working with him.  One thing I'm noticing reading back over these posts is HOW MUCH BETTER I am than I was when I started this work.  Better at sinking into trance, better at accurate mediumship, especially better at energy work, just a better all-around magician.  Sometimes it's hard to see progress when you're in the middle of it; its so gradual you just don't notice.

I havn't posted everything here; just the "most interesting" bits.  If you want EVERYTHING, go troll through the archives at

My first sketch (sorry it's sideways):

Brian's first sketch

Second Sketch

Final Sketch

Hypnotic Induction
Guided Journey
Me on Deeper Down the Rabbit Hole, talking about this work.  I start talking around minute 25, but I think you should listen to the whole thing.

The 30 Day Posts:
Alien Ganesh Research, Part 1
More Research
Travel Log #1
Dream Log #1
A name?  Aziz al Aziz
Dream Log #2
Uh oh!  my head almost exploded.
How Am I Doing This?
Dream Log #3  Includes the phrase "oh well, if magic were safe and easy, everyone would do it".  WTF, me?
A Secret, A Secret!
Oh, Simon!  Why are you so awesome?!?  Here's my friend Simon's blog.
ChaChing!  (the book it fell out of was Jason Miller's Financial Sorcery)
Quick Cash petition how to
Journey #2 transcript  This is the invocation of Solomon that's mentioned.
The PLAN for the Work
The Beginning Invocation script
Day 1, Audio Induction, Guided Journey
Day 2
Day 3
Day 4
Day 9
Day 12  A god who is afraid he will be forgotten!  D'aw!
Odin?  Is that you, you old dog?
Wait?  I thought kundalini was supposed to feel good?!?
A hut made out of bones
Journey Log
Sigh.  Grief.  It's weird.
What's a wheat maze?
Crystal Cave
The End?

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