Monday, November 10, 2014


This post just collects up a bunch of links to my Ereskigal work, because someone asked about it.  If you're not familiar with the work, you should read

  • First appearance
  • Notes from Jason Miller
  • Audio to induce a journey to Ereshkigal's Throne  WARNING:  This is NOT a "guided meditation".  Experienced trance workers only.
  • transcript of Ereshkigal work
  • a recipe for Ereshkigal incense She taught me:  mullein, fennugreek, copal (update: for extra oomph, add a few drops of blood, and a tiny bit of dittany of crete)
  • a dream
  • another travel log:  
  • "The seventh gate, the river beneath the earth, where souls are purified before birth, where souls are purified after death. The seventh gate is the throne of Ereshkigal, The Valley Spirit, Never Dying, Mystery. Woman. The Root of Heaven and Earth. Forever Endring. The Infinite Well of Souls. We cross through this seventh gate, cross the sacred river below, many times, life upon life, an eternal cycle of being, the infinite ocean of from which we came and which we return. To cross it and remember, to cross it while yet living, makes one a wizard. And yet, the way back is barred. The iron door is closed. There is no way out but through. The cold dark depths, underwater life, the river of souls.  I think now that Ereshkigal, the Black Goddess, is the great Womb through which all pass between lives. That Ereshkigal’s Womb is where you are between lives. I don’t quite know how to explain it better than that yet, but I will soon. If not before, I think I will grok it at Solstice, when Ereshkigal births the new year’s Sun.
    • Side note: Last week, when I first started with Ereshkigal, she told me that this was my first human life, but I wasn’t sure what she meant (and I’m still not. Can that be literally true? I guess one of them has to come first, but it seems weird that it be this one. I mean, it feels a little bit like being told “Well aren’t you a precious special snowflake!”)"
  • a dream (much of which has now come to pass, but I can't really explain how/why yet)
  • the wheel turns

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  1. Hi Professor -- I've just tried using your guided journey to meet Ereshkigal, and I had some alarming experiences I'd like to hear your thoughts on, if you might be available. Would you mind? You can email me at or read my writeups as I post them on