Thursday, October 20, 2016

In the Hour of the Sun, It is Begun, It is Come!

"Here Comes the Sun" by Christine Webb of

Missive One: Laodicea

East of the cold Meander, West of the Hero-polis’ Hot Springs,
Lackadaisical Laodicean lawyers litigate the differences twixt things
and seal up mysteries of multiplicity in a murky modern grave.

But no lawyer’s lock keeps out the lunar crowned god of thieves,
Who slips sideways, slides sidereal, floats and ducks and weaves
The magician then is Masterless, is Egoless, is Brave.

The master thief slips betwixt three worlds, on feet as fleet as wings,
Riding the solar barge beneath the world, on Icarus-Iacchus’ golden leaves,
A hero’s journey in seven steps, a quest with narry one queen to save.

Roll back the rock from the catacombs
There's talk of Bacchic Katabasis
No mere lock could block the Bacchi
anymore than I might talk you out of stasis.
Liberated Liberatti fought that all might understand-
Liber Sabazionysus Oserappis Zagripan!

The point when the will meets reality and one must give?
That is when you discover that the will is no mere fantasy, built from effervescent air,
The will, indomitable, inviolable, indubitable, ineffable,
Sabazious Invictus,
Solar Fire brought to Life.

The Key is to LISTEN
and then to SPEAK.


Set aside an hour, ideally an hour of the sun.

Use headphones.

Speak aloud, OUT LOUD, move air over your teeth, vibrate it in your throat.

Speak the words ALOUD.

Listen. Record, if you can.

Have a glass of water ready for when you come down.

When you pass through the Gate of the Sun, Sabazios will offer you the Seal of this knowledge. It may be in the form of the secret handshake. It may be that he whispers you the word. In either of these signs, you conquer.  Report back to us when you have crossed over.