Sunday, June 23, 2013

Sun and Sky and Sea

I went to the beach again today, this time in Norwalk with my friend M.  I got a little bit too much sun; my shoulders are quite pink. The magic went very well.

At first, she and I were just hanging out and gossiping and playing in the water.  After a while, I swam out deeper my own to do my Work while she wrote.  As before, I circulated the microcosmic orbit until I was full of sunshine, and so, so hot. (temperature hot, not sexy hot)  Do other people find that the microcosmic orbit makes them hot?  I think I might doing it wrong.  It was weird to do that while already in the cold water; a very fun interplay.

Again, I called Kuvoah.  It was much harder than before.  Perhaps because I was too far south, but probably just because I was less "in the zone". After a bit, he showed up.  It was much less physical this time, and there was no shape-shifting or sensation of being penetrated.  Kuvoah "asked" me to give something up; something I'm not sure I'm ready to let go of.  We "spoke" about it for a little while.  I said I'd keep thinking about it, which seemed to satisfy him, and then he left.  I've lost so much already this year, I feel I can be forgiven for a clinging to security a little longer.

I did a bit more water invocation, which was a little melancholy.  I came out of the water sort of sad, but we had to leave right after that.

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