Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Magic to Get the Right Teacher/School

Today, a friend asked: "What's the best magic that can be done to ensure that my son gets his preferred teacher next school year? They assign teachers in a few weeks. Sigils? Petition a spirit?"  I'm going to answer that, but my advice also applies to related questions like "What's the best magic that can be done to ensure someone gets into the right college?"

The first thing to remember that you ought to work to ensure your son gets the BEST FOR HIM teacher  (or college, or etc) for next school, rather than the preferred one, because there can be a lot of behind-the-scenes things going on that can change who "the right" teacher is that you don't know about yet.

But first, a note on ethics:  "Good teachers" are a tragically finite resource in American schools, and decision on which students land in which classroom are rarely made lightly.  When you use sorcery to influence those decisions, you should remember that what you're asking of the universe is that a student whom the trained professionals thought needed that good teacher more than yours get bumped for your child.  I'm not saying you shouldn't do it.  I would, if it were my kid.  But, in our country, millions of children will never see a good teacher, or a good school.  If you live in America, that guilt is upon you.    Before beginning this kind of work, you should make a sin offering to a charity dedicated to improving American education for underserved students.  Personally, I recommend the Baltimore Algebra Project, a youth-led secular project devoted to providing a real education to underserved communities in Baltimore.  The group is staffed and led almost entirely by students and recent graduates of Baltimore City schools, and provides peer tutoring as well politcal action.  You can buy the awesome shirt for $20, but I REALLY REALLY encourage you to make an offering as well.  If you're willing to pour out a $20 bottle of rum, but not give $20 to help kids get an education, maybe rethink your priorities.

Here are a number of suggestions:

1) If the child is in elementary school, call the school and schedule an appointment with both the principal and their current teacher/advisor, as early as possible.  Explain, calmly and succinctly, without asking for special treatment, your child's special needs, and why you think one teacher (or class or etc) would be better than another.  If your child is in high school, they should be making the appointment and their case by themself.  Middle school is a grey area, in terms of maturity; you know your child better than I do.  BUT, and this is REALLY REALLY IMPORTANT:  You cannot seem as if you are asking for special treatment or making unreasonable demands.  School administrators are human, and spend an ungodly amount of their time fighting off offensively absurd requests for special treatment from pushy, entitled parents.  No good administrator will punish your child just because you pissed them off, and I both know that not all school administrators are good.  If you can't explain why your child needs special consideration that other children don't, DO NOT request a meeting, just do the magic.

2) I would assume, as a magician, that you already have a spirit engaged to watch over your children's education, but if not, you should get one.  Learned ancestors, scholar/scribe gods, and angels of the east are broadly good choices.  The person after whom the school is named is often also a good choice (but not always, do your research).  Personally, I work with Hermes, the Teacher of Teachers and Lord of Learning, for this.  You ought to be checking in with this spirit weekly, making a brief offering, and thanking them for teaching you children, and asking them to help you teach them as well.

3) Call upon the spirit in question to specifically open the way to the Best Possible Learning Experience for your child, one that opens in them a love of learning and a taste for truth.  Acknowledge that the best possible learning experience is often harder than others, but that you want your child to learn all the best things, to rejoice in their schooling, and to emerge from the year, wiser, happier, and stronger.  (or whatever it is you want for them). 

4) Find out who (an actual person) does the assigning.  Honey pot them.  It wouldn't hurt to also honey pot the desired teacher, but teachers don't usually get to request students.

5) Construct a ritual with the spirit from #2, and ask them to inspire in you a sigil representing the goal of your child having the Best Possible Learning Experience.  If you cannot, you can use the sigil below, which I received from Hermes, the Teacher of Teachers, the Lord of Learning, for you.  

Print the sigil out, write your child's name and the phrase "best possible learning experience" on the back, and then burn it.  Scatter the ashes in the school office if possible, otherwise outside near the school.

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