Sunday, April 16, 2017

The Servitor Statue of Sabazios

This is the white horse statue that used to be our protector at the Witch House.  

I've recently upgraded the protective guardian at the Witch House, so now I can tell you about how I made the old one.  To work this ritual, you'll need a statue (a plastic toy is ok) of a horse (ideally white), a protective oil, and seven white candles (tea lights work fine).  Personally, I make my own "fiery wall of protection" oil, but you can use any protective oil that feels right.  This is relatively advanced-level magic that might not be advisable if you don't have some experience (1) traveling in the Other Place and (2) housing spirits.  If you would like me to do it for you, you can buy invested spirit homes at Mastros & Zealot.

Arrange the candles in a circle, with yourself and the horse inside.  Begin to image a herd of horses surrounding you, galloping around you.  You, however, are with the stallion, and are in no danger. Hear the hoof beats around you, drumming the sacred rhythm, the gateway to the Underworld.  Feel the taught muscles of the stallion you are riding; rock your hips in rhythm with his gallop, his thundering hoofbeats strike lightning as they hit the ground.  Earth Shaker!  Horse Lord!

When you have your riding rhythm, begin to call to Sabazios.  You are Rider and he is Horse, but this is no broken mare for the plow, no gelded creature to pull your cart.  This is Stallion you ride, but you do not control him.  He takes you where you need to go; not necessarily where you want to go.  Ride with him; run with him.  Speak to him and love him, call him into being, house him in the statue, the Great Stallion, Sabazios, Lord of the Plains, Whose Hoofbeats Make the Thunder.  Call out to the Lord of Horses until you are confident He Who comes is with you.

When you have fully bonded with him, begin to anoint the statue, asking the Horse Lord to send you one of his court, a great guardian Horse Warrior, to guard over you and your home.  You may see a horse and rider; like a knight, but do not forget that it is Horse and not Rider who is your protector. Explain that you have made him a fine home, and will do him all honors.  Continue to anoint the statue until you feel it come to life in your hands.  It may feel like a warmth, or you might feel the muscles begin to twitch and slide, tense and stretch, under your hands.  Once that has happened, proceed to the charge, describing your home and its inhabitants to your new horse familiar.  Charge it to protect you and your home, patrolling the boundaries, looking over the property and protecting you from threats both seen and unseen.  Walk the horse state around the boundaries of your property as you do this.  It is best to walk the boundary clockwise.  When you have come to the permanent home of your hose guardian, install it in a place of honor near your main entrance to the property, looking out.   If the property in question is a regular house with a yard, I think just outside the front door of the house is best. At the Witch House, we put ours on the porch pedestal, where he looked out over the street.  If the property is otherwise, use your best judgement about where to put the statue, but whenever that is, try to have it face "out" toward the direction you would expect an attack to come from.  If your property is actually literally under siege, I would recommend making a statue for each entrance/direction.

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