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The Holy HookUp of Hekate and Hermes: A Ritual

There are only vague references to Hermes and Hekate as a couple in classic sources.   For example,  you would think my favorite of these would be from Pausanias, who says "The hero Eleusis, after whom the city [of Eleusis] is named, some assert to be a son of Hermes and of Daeira [Hekate?], daughter of Okeanos (Oceanus)."  For those of you who follow my work, that's basically a list of important features of my magical practice; EleusisHermesHekate, and Okeanos, oh my!

However, my actual favorite is the Roman writer Propertius, in his Elegies, says "Brimo [Hekate], who as legend tells, by the waters of Boebeis [I think this is the Gulf of Pagastikos] laid her virgin body at Mercurius' [Hermes'] side."  
Pagastikos Gulf in Thessaly

That quote first made me consider them as a couple, and the more I thought about it, the more the thought appealed.  Here was a divine couple in a kind of relationship very different from the ones we usually hear about.  This isn't rape, but neither is it marriage.  These are two gods, both of whom are not just single, but almost agressively so, coming together by moonlight, simply because they want to.  THAT is a thing I want to emulate!  Young Hekate and Hermes initiating each other.  <3

Silver Moon Photography

You Will Need:

  • A dark moon Wednesday (such as April 26, 2017) (not essential)
  • A tall white candle, and a black one the same size and shape
  • A tall red candle
  • appropriate incense.  (Mastros & Zealot Hekate & Hermes incense, for example!) . a good mixture would be frankincense, mugwort, and cloves
  • a white egg 
  • a white plate or bowl
  • oats, rice, or other grain
  • honey
  • olive oil
  • Metaxa (or other brandy, or wine) in a pretty glass
  • a black sharpie marker
  • a bell or other sound-maker, or you can just clap
  • at least 8 coins (gold Sacajawea dollars are excellent).  You will not get your coins back.


On the egg, write Hermes and Hekate's names or symbols.  Next, annoint the white and black candles with olive oil, and prepare the offering: in the bowl, nestle the egg in a bed of grain, and pour olive oil and honey over top.  Pour also a small glass of Metaxa.  Arrange these things in a pleasant matter, with the red candle, still un-annointed, between the other two.  Some flowers might also be nice.

Ring the bell, or clap your hands.  Say (something like):
"Begone, ignorance! Begone, sloth! Begone fear and doubt!
Begone everything that holds me back!
Begone evil, licentiousness attend to me!
Begone sin, driven out by sorcery!"

"I bless this time and place, I set them apart.
The moon is dark, on Mercury's day, and
I stand on the shore of Lake Boebeis;
Holy Mount Ossa towers above me.
Spirits of this place, attend me!

Spirits of this time, attend me!
Now is EveryWhen!"

Ring the bell three times, saying (something like):
"Lake spirits!  Creatures of lake and wind and shore!
Feast with us!  Be with us!  Dance the holy dance!
Wriggle and writhe and swim and fly,
creatures of lake and wind and shore!
The magic is now to commence!"

Ring the bell once.

Light the black candle, saying (something like):
"Hekate Enodia; maiden of the threeway crossroads,
I call to you, across time and space.  Here, at the shores of Lake Boebeis, 
Come to me!  Inhabit me!  Abide with me!"

Light the white candle, saying (something like):
"Hermes Enagonius, Lord of Games,
I call to you, across time and space. Here, at the shores of Lake Boebeis,
Come to me! Inhabit me! Abide with me!"

Anoint the red candle with olive oil, while saying (something like):

"Gods of Crossroad, Three-World walkers,
You who know my every name,
Great Initiators, Co-Initiated,
Bring me into your embrace.
Be for me my holy teachers,
and I will be best among your students.
Make me an instrument of inspiration,
and a source of sorcery in the world.
Set me alight with your enlightenment, and aflame with the fire of your word."


Threeway, Fourway, Crossroads Cross, Seven Pointed Star.

Repeat the chant until you feel overtaken by you inner Magic.
You may find your tempo and volume increasing to a frenzied crescendo.

Say something like:  "Hekate Enodia, and Hermes Lord of Games, I set before you egg and oil, grain and honey and fine brandy.  These I give freely, of my own will, to nourish you and your troupe.  I set before you golden coins; bless them and make them a blessing.  Whomsoever touches them, whomsoever spends them, whomsoever sees them, let them be awakened to knowledge and initiation, in the way which is best for them."

Over the next week, give the coins, one each, to eight different beggars.  Should you not see eight beggars by week's end (perhaps look harder?), you may donate the coins to charity.  Ronald McDonald House, which provides succor to those whose loved ones are in hospital, is a good choice for this work, and has donation boxes at every McDonalds.

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