Monday, May 8, 2017

Blackthorn Dragon Home Protection

New from Mastros & Zealot, these small spell bottles pack a big punch! They are designed to be buried near the front entrance of your home, but can also be inside near the front door. These are most potent protective charms I make. While each is unique, they all contain:
  • a single blackthorn, collected in Glastonbury, England and soaked for 13 days in
  • dragonfire protection powder, which includes:
    • dragon's blood
    • cinnamon
    • black pepper
    • jalapeƱo pepper
    • ash from a lightning struck oak
    • iron filings
    • frankincense
    • ginger
    • sandalwood
    • and many other ingredients
  • golden rutilated quartz (to ensnare anything that's coming for you)
  • a rusty 4-sided nut (to invoke the powers of Gevorah)
  • a battery (to energize)
  • 2 plastic googly eyes (to keep watch, and avert the evil eye)
  • mirror shard (to reflect ill intention)
  • several elderberries (to exorcise evil)
  • a red silk cord with three knots in it, for strength, health, and safety
  • alchohol
  • red paint
  • your own urine 
    • obviously, you will have to supply this yourself. I've left space in the bottle for it)
  • and many other ingredients, some unique to each jar.
These jars were blessed under the auspices of the constellation Draco, the Great Dragon of the North.  Only ten were made; nine are available for sale.  They come with complete instructions, including a small ritual to bind it to you.  $100 each, available here.

We also offer the dragonfire protection powder for $27 or a dragonfire guided trance audio for $7.

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