Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Archepelago: The Isles of the Wise

We at Mastros & Zealot are both excited and delighted to announce our newest game, Archepelago: Isles of the Wise.  Like last fall's Apokalypsis, which unlocked the Seven Great Mystery Cults of Lydia, Archipelago is an initiatory game of mythopoetic magic which discovers the long lost magics hidden on twelve mythic islands.  The game is open to everyone, free to play, and rewards richly its winners and heroes.

Every Wednesday, for twelve Wednesdays, players receive a new missive.  Decrypt the missive to identify the island, uncover the clues hidden in the islands history, geography, and mythology, and unlock the Mystery you find there.  On August 30th, if all twelve mysteries have been revealed, the Great Revelation of the Game will be unlocked, Winners will be acclaimed, and Hero's prizes will be awarded.  There is no way to lose the game, except to quit.

There are Twelve Isles of the Wise where the Mystery Cults born on Atlantis retreated when the old ways gave way to the new.  Six of the twelve are known to me:

The Navel of the World
The Fruited Isle
The Island of the Hawk
The Pillar of the North
The Island of the Fates
The Island the Supports Bliss

The final six we will need discover together on the strength of the magics we learn on the first six islands.

You may choose to work alone, or you may work in small teams.  For the greatest reward, play on Hero Mode: throw open the Gates for everyone, and clear the path of stumbling blocks for those who follow after you.  To win the game, all you need to do is play along; you can quit any time.

Comment here or on the Mastros & Zealot facebook page to declare you are playing. You will be sent complete instructions.

The preliminary missive, below, is your clue to opening the initiatory gate, and discovering the lost secrets of...

Navel of the World

Star-born island, daughter of Wisdom,
Mother of Dark Prophecy,
Floating island at the center of the world,
No man may sleep upon your breast.
No woman may bear children upon your lap.
And on you, it is forbidden to die.


  1. Instructions can be found at https://www.facebook.com/groups/1068172313314263/ . Tell me who you are when you join.