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Noontime, Twilight, Midnight, Norning: A Teaching of Three Weird Sisters

Prophetess's note: This is super dense. It was channeled during an accidental possession from the depths of the Well. I will write commentary explaining it as best I am able. Commentary is in blue.

Noontime, Twilight, Midnight, Norning: A Teaching of Three Weird Sisters

There are those who say my sisters and I, who are one, who are three,
who are legion,
who, finally, are
and No One,
and Nothing,
came into your world from a land of ice, and that is true, but it is not all there is to tell. We were here before the ice came, and the ice before that, and the first fire from which ice is born.

We are the mothers of your mother’s mother, and we are the mothers of the Old Folk of the Hills [Neanderthal, also Kindly Ones], now long gone.

I was old before your gods had names, and she will be young when they are passed again into dust.
But, once, I was she, she they, and they I; for then was then now, which then was before, and before will come round once again.
I speak:
When you walked across the land, and into the North, we were already here.
When you threaded the needle, and conquered the cold, I was there, and she saw, and they smiled.
When you hit stone to stone, making blades, making sparks, I was there, and she saw, and they smiled.
When you picked up your hands, turned your heads to the sky, tipped your cunt to the earth, I was there, and she saw, and they smiled.
When you sprouted thumbs, when you grasped and you held, I was there, and she saw, and they smiled.
When you gave birth to your young, I was there, and she saw, and they smiled.
It was I who taught you to the suckle your young, and she who wove your first furs.
I were there when you crawled from our womb, the great sea, and we were there when sex came to be.
Before there was Life,
I was, we are, you were.
Before the Earth came to be, there we were.
I was your first thought and they will your last dream, and she-he-it-they-we are all the things in between.
I am the soundless breath, the open mouth, I am the aleph, אהיה (Ehyeh, it means "I AM" more or less), Urd-Erath. (Urd is one of the Norn. Many people think her name means "Fate". I have no idea what "Erath" is. It is not a typo for Earth, because the meter indicates it definitely has 2 syllables.  Your guess is as good as mine)
You, who walk in the outer darkness, you who breathe in the sky, you who live in Heaven have forgotten that the crust of the Earth is the skin of the Earth, and you live not in Her nor of Her, but On Her and Off Her; you live by eating Her life.
This, where you breathe, is Sky, and that, where you die, is the World.
And there is a third world below Her; not within Her, but Before Her, Beneath Her, Between Her.
You think that the underworld is within the Earth, that my well, Urd’s Well, Earth’s Well, the Hallowed Hollow, the Holy Hole, is the Whole who hauls his water from within the world, and it does, but you do not go deep enough.
Within the World is not Under the World, Within the World is the Word of the World, not the World of the Word and the Worm.
Down, not with the pull of the Earth, but the Down that is Down from Her Center.
Intus Deus Altus Est. ("The God Within is the God Above". It's a quote from St. Augustine)
I have no other words. My sister now will speak:

Now is a moment, the time between breaths, but the breaths of the Earth are quite long.
You, Children of the Sun (homo sapiens), came into the world when I drew in a breath, and when you pass from the world, I will exhale.
I am She-He-It-They-We, I Am that Which is Becoming, I am the water of Miriam’s Well (a Herbew legendary well.), I am אשרה (Ahsera, a tree goddess)‎‎ and I am שאר (Asher, the male form of Asherah, and also the middle word in Ehyeh Asher Ehyeh, "I AM that I AM"); I am the Root and the Head and the Tree; I am the the water of Mimir’s Well (a Norse legendary well), I am the Root and Head and the Tree.
Pluck out your eye and feed it to me; hear it splash, smell it sink, feel it rot, taste the cold.
Here, Underground, all are blind, and all can See.
When the Children of Sun displaced the Old Folks of the Hills, they were there, and I saw, and she smiled a fang-filled grin.
Vanir, Aesir, Xristos, Kroner....all this is but a blink of the eye. (Xristos is the Greek spelling for Christ. Kroner is the currency of Iceland)
We who are three are not three in a line; three points makes a plane, makes it plain?
Front-Back, Left-Right, Up-Down, Past-Future, In-Out, Round-About. These are dimensions, and you must see all six.
There are actually twelve, one's hidden!  For we three are only the wives. (Most current cosmological theory includes 11 spatial dimensions)
My husband, the Here, her husband, the There, their husband, the Elsewhere, so to speak.
Six children have we, but they are yet in the womb, and the birthing will be the end of her mother.
Time runs not like a river that spreads into a lake, but like a delta enriching the sea.
Inanis Deus Altus Est. (The inane god is the god above.)
I have no other words. My sister now will speak:

I hiss like a snake, and I roar like a bear; I make the spider-sound you cannot hear.
Thus I awaken, like a tree, like a delta, like an acyclic planar graph, but that, you know is a LIE. ("acyclic planar graph" is just a mathy way to say "like a tree", like a delta")
I am anti-arborescent! ("anti-arborescent" means that the paths point back toward the root, not out toward the leaves)
I am uncountable! (There are as many paths as there are points on a line)
I am replete with cycle and I am perfect! (I curve back in on myself.)
My bipartate is perfect, and we are perfected together; Altogether Perfect! (some technical math stuff)
You think I branch because you decide, but I am not bud nor blossom nor fruit nor flower.
I am vriditas and I am blood red. I am dense as stew and I foam like bread.
I am the curve that fills space and the the fractal geometry of nature.
I am Chaos-Chasm: Void and Voice and Veil; I am here to tohu your bohu, and you will wahhh, wahhh wahhh all the way home! I am invisible and unadulterated.
I am ἀόρατος καὶ ἀκατα-σκεύαστος (void and without form). My sisters were אהיה אשר (Ehyeh Asher) but I am not אֶהְיֶה (Ehyeh) but היה (Heyeh), I am not εγω ειμι (Ego eimi), δεν (neither am I) I AM,
but the Being, I am no Noun, nor a Verb.
I am not Ein Soph, nor Ayn. I am the Ayin inside of the אין (ayun, "It is not");
I am the the Eye that you threw down the Well.
Inanis Deus Altermus Est. (the deep god is other)

I have no more words, and my fourth sister cannot yet speak.

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