Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Coin Magic

I'm writing a book about coins as materia magica.  Here's some rough draft notes; expect many state quarter spells over the next month or two.  All feedback greatly appreciated!

Why use coins?  They’re very cheap, readily available, small metal tokens with beautiful pictures on them.  What could make a better talisman?  Coins have a long history of being used as amulets and spell components, particularly in hoodoo.  Of US coins, the so-called “Mercury dime” (which actually depicts “winged Liberty”) and the Indian Head penny have the most storied use, but neither one is still in circulation.  Particularly with the issuing of the “state quarters” beginning in 1999, there are a wide variety of beautiful US coins in current circulation, many of which make great talismans and spell components.

How do I use the coins?  
There are lots of ways to use coins after they’ve been “blessed”.  The easiest way is to just carry it in your pocket, as a “lucky coin”.  You can also drill a hole in it and wear it as a necklace.  You can put them in mojo bags or put them on an altar.
You can also give them to other people to “target” them with your magic.  Slipping someone magical material in order to “activate” a spell is a traditional technique called “laying a trick”.  Getting someone to put a quarter in their pocket is somewhat easier than slipping most magical talismans onto their person, and no one is suspicious if they find some pennies under their bed.  For an example of this kind of use, see the Mississippi magnolia fidelity spell below.

How do I prepare coins for magical use?  
In the posts that follow, I’ll give specific recommendations for using regular pennies, nickels, dimes, quarters, and dollar coins, as well as for many of the state quarters.  In the appendix are some “recipes” that use easy to find old and foreign coins. However, you can use the following method to turn any coin (or other small token) into a talisman.  

However, before you enchant a coin, you'll want to clean the coin to remove any “residue” it’s picked up.  We're using coins because small metal objects are particularly prone to picking up and holding “magical energy”.    The downside of this is that coins are often already "dirty" just from being handled by so many people.  To clean them, soak them in salt water overnight.

Mississippi Magnolia "Stay True" spell:

This spell uses the 2002 Mississippi quarter, on which magnolia blossoms are pictured.  In traditional hoodoo, magnolia leaves are placed under the mattress to ensure marital fidelity.  This spell builds on that tradition.  It will help to keep a romantic relationship healthy, equitable, loving, and trusting.

Take your cleaned quarter and hold in in your hand.  If you wear a wedding ring, tap the quarter on the ring audibly, so that the magic of the ring will help to infuse the coin.  Feel your love for your partner well up in your heart, and then "push" that feeling into the coin.  Next, feel your trust for your partner.  Even if you don't trust them now, you must have at one point.  Remember what that felt like, and push it into the coin.

Next, hold the coin up to your lips, and whisper this to it:
"Set me as a seal upon your heart,
as a seal upon your arm;
for love is as strong as death,
jealousy as unyielding as Sheol.
It's flames are flashes of fire,
the flames of Aish HaShem.
Many waters cannot quench love,
neither can the floods drown it."
(Song of Songs, 8:6-7)

If you're uncomfortable with using a bible passage, find or write another short passage about love that speaks to you.  One from a text you consider sacred is best.

Kiss the coin, and place it under the bed you and your partner share.  If you do not share a bed, contrive to plant the coin under your partner's bed.  If you don't have access to their bed, this isn't the right spell.  Tomorrow, I'll show you a "sweetening" spell with a Vermont state quarter that might work better.

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