Friday, October 11, 2013

Root Souls, Reinventing the Wheel

When I was about 13, I discovered Wicca. A few months later, I became disenchanted, and felt a little betrayed, when I found out that all that "ancient pre-christian pagan religion" stuff was nonsense, and it was just some stuff some people made up. Then, I had a was just some stuff some people made up, and they hadn't even done a very good job, but it TOTALLY WORKED! (I guess that's when I became a chaos magician) So, I made up my own religion, which I liked much better than Wicca. There was math, and infinity, and a weird sort of polytheist/monotheist/panentheist thing, and four spirit worlds, and 10 powers, and etc, etc. 

When I was 18 and a freshman at Caltech, I read a book called "Etz Chaim" (the tree of life) and found out that the ARI had already made up my religion! It was a very exciting thing for me, to have my "unverified personal gnosis" "verified" like that. 

Recently, I've been making up a new system, which is based in the idea that, just like our ruach (ego-soul) has ancestors, our neshema (big S soul) does too, and they're not necessarily the same ones. These are sort of like past lives, and those soul-family trees go back to a "root soul", the god (or gods) from which you're descended. Those root-souls (gods) use human generations to breed; the gods reproduce sexually through humans, so there's also a god that you're turning into. A new, strange, alien god. 

Last night, I started reading (parts of) a book called Sha'ar HaGiligulim (the gate of reincarnation) by the same student of Luria, and it turns out he totally invented this theory too! EXCITING!!!!!

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  1. Isaac Luria, or the Holy ARI, is among the most important of the "Safed Kabbalists" You know you've been at Jew school too long when you expect people to just know that! Sorry.