Friday, October 25, 2013

Initiation dreams

4 men, 4 trials, 4 initiations (maybe elemental?)

the first, I don't remember.  something about pain, I think.  maybe emotional pain (grief)
the second, something about time travel.  Waves of deja vu, sliding back and forth between time lines.  I awoke from this, and, although it seemed I'd been asleep all night, it was only 11:30.  I went back to sleep.
Some stuff I don't remember.
much traveling.

Note: in the dream "cousin" was code for faerie.  I don't know how I knew that.

met some british cousin of my father's, a mid 30s tall blond woman (why had I never heard of this person?  "My father had a difficult relationship with his father." I was told)  she ran a movie business (I think a chain of theaters, not movie production).  She was The Mistress of the Movies.

out with the aunts.  No place to sleep.  A cousin I didn't know.  British.  Black.  Male.  Short dreds.  Slightly younger than me (late 20s?)  Smoking a bowl.  Offered me some, I partook.  I had to go, to be tested?

I came back later, and all were asleep.  I was very cold (it was very cold last night, and I had probably kicked the covers off.  All were asleep on the floor.  I found a loose corner of blanket near the black cousin, and curled up next to him to sleep.

He woke me up, and said we had to go.  He transported us to England, somehow.

the third trial, the trial of pleasure.  I was very scared of this trial.
there were 2 men, both british, both "ageless", the black guys, and another, blond, and maybe older.  I don't remember him as well.  I think he was Oberon.  A shallow dish of water; swirling two ways at once, an inner vortex going clockwise, an outer ring counter (or maybe the other way round)
leaning to the dish, wetting my lips
making a circuit, kissed both men.  something was happening, swirling, swaying, the world got all fuzzy, I knew I was supposed to just relax, let it happen,  not have to understand, but I couldn't just Be, couldn't give in to the good feeling.  I was so scared.  Then I woke up, so I guess I failed that test, but it seemed like I'd be given another chance.

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