Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Vermont Quarter: Sweetening Spell

The Vermont quarter depicts a man tapping maple trees for syrup.  In the background of the coin is Camel Hump Mountain.  In today's spell, we use the coin to create a permanent amulet from an otherwise traditional hoodoo-style sweetening spell.  Although these first two spells are built on hoodoo foundations, I'll have lots of other styles in future posts.  Look for a Celtic-style Oak Tree Protection spell tomorrow using the Connecticut quarter.

Sweetening spells, in general, are used to make someone feel favorably toward you and want to help you.  This "good feeling" isn't necessarily (or even usually) romantic in nature; it's a good spell to work on a boss, a parent, or a as well.  It's also good to mend hurt feelings in existing relationships with family, friends, or lovers.  The version I'm presenting here is all-purpose; you should have no trouble adapting it to your specific situation.

In addition to the quarter, this spell uses maple syrup, a small candle (menorah candles are perfect, but even a birthday candle will work), and a picture of the intended target.  If you have their hair, a business card, their signature, or any other kind of "link" to them, that's great, but not necessary.  You'll also need some paper, scissors, a pen or marker, and small saucer or bowl.

To begin with, cut out a circle slightly smaller than the saucer or bowl you are using.  Next, write your target's full name three times in the middle of the circle.  Turn the paper so that their name is upside down, and write your full name over top of the target's three times.  Now, around the edge of the circle, write your exact wish.  For example, if you want your boss to be impressed by you, you might write: "[boss's name] will be impressed by the quality of my work and give me a promotion and a raise."  You need to write it in script without picking your hand up.  If there is extra space, complete the circle before lifting your hand.  It's really important the script make a complete circle.  If you mess up, throw it out and start over.  After completing the circle, you can go back to cross t's and etc.

Put  the circle of paper, writing side up, in the saucer. If you have hair or etc, put it on the circle of paper. Next, put the picture of the person on top of that.  If you don't have a picture, then get better at facebook stalking.  Pour a small pool of maple syrup on top, and then put the coin, tree side up, in the center.  Light the candle and drip a few drops of melted wax onto the coin.  Use that to stick the candle to the coin.  Tell your wish to the candle three times, out loud, and then wait for the candle to burn out.  It's best to pray over it the whole time, but if you can't, you can't (menorah candles burn for about an hour).

Once the candle is burned out, remove the candle and put the coin in your mouth, with the syrupy side down.  With it in your mouth, say (as well as you can around the coin) "As the coin has been made sweet to me, may I be sweet to NAME."  Finally, contrive to give the coin to the target.  If that is not possible, leave it in their office, or somewhere else associated with them.  This is one big advantage of coin magic; no one is suspicious of loose change!

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