Wednesday, April 30, 2014

A dream

Most of this isn't for public consumption (thus the locked post preceding this).  Sorry.

A had such a strange dream last night.  I slept very poorly (my neighbors have this new "security" light which shines directly into my bedroom window.)

The part I want to tell you about is the end.  I couldn't see very well, it was more a sense of where I ws, and sounds (not uncommon in my dreams).  I was stuck somehow, being held, in the space between the bed and the dresser, just in front of where I lay asleep (I don't remember if I could "see" myself in the bed next to me or not).  I very distinctly heard my roommate's voice (I'm sure he was asleep.  It was just around dawn) from right next to the bed (not even the direction of his room).  I'm sure it was his voice; I know what he sounds like.  He yelled in a  round booming Voice (he is typically very soft spoken) "Exspecto Boreas!" (watch out for the north wind!)  I awoke, heart racing.  Really, my heart was going soooooo fast, and I couldn't catch my breath.  I wasn't scared, really.  But I just couldn't calm my heart for a long time, and I had a distinct feeling of being watched, in a slightly creepy, but mostly protective way.  I could "feel" things talking about me over me.  Not in a malicious way, although not entirely supportive either.  Detached observation.  Almost clinical.  After about several minutes (my heart had started to calm, but was still thumping hard), my 1st gentle alarm when off.  It plays Elohai Neshema (a song of thanksgiving that the soul has returned, refreshed, to the body after its nightly journey to the Dreaming).

I think it was Expecto Boreas!  It was definitely Exepecto B.... but I was awake before I was told what to expect, so that was hard to hear.  It may have been Exspecto Benorian, but I don't think that's a word.  Or maybe Exspecto Ben Gurion (the first prime minister of Israel?), but that makes even less sense.

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