Saturday, April 19, 2014

Omer 5: Hod in Chesed -- The Gate of Mercury in Jupiter

 Post-game analysis here. (link after I write it)

I've been traveling, which made ritual hard, thus all the quiet "sit with the Land" magic (which I LOVE, don't get me wrong).  But, a couple of people have been asking for play-by-play "What do you DO" stuff, and that's hard to explain without ritual.  Also, I LOVES me some ritual.  I'm home now, and I've got the apartment to myself tonight.  You know what that means:  High Magic!

Tonight, the gate of Hod of Chesed, of Brilliance in Compassion, opens.  Jason Miller's call for Mercury in Jupiter uses the phrase Philosopher King.  Apparently, he and I drank the same kool aid, because I would call this the gate of Solomon, the Magician King, the gate of Raziel.  So, here's the plan:

I made a small talisman/cheat sheet before beginning.  On a square of light blue (origami) paper, I drew an invoking hexagram of Jupiter in blue ink, and inside that an invoking hexagram of Mercury in orange ink.  On the back, I wrote the following petition (in normal black ink)

"Holy ONE, through Moses, my beloved ancestor, you taught me to count the omer, in order to to purify myself, and make myself Holy.  Tonight I count night five of the omer, Hod she'ba Chesed.  Therefor, may it be Your will my God, God of my Ancestors, God of Gods, that by the merit of Sephirat he Omer which I counted, every blemish I have caused in the Sphere of Brilliant Compassion be rectified.  Let me be healed and empowered, purified and sanctified with supernal Holiness.  May abundent bounty be bestowed on all the worlds, now and forever.  May the light of Brilliant Compassion, Hod she'be Chesed, enliven and empower my nefesh, my ruach, my neshema; all nefesh, all ruach, all neshema.  May every imperfection be healed, may the pure light of Being shine unhindered through the fifth gate, and may it sanctify and empower with supernal Holiness!

In the Name El Elyon; by the merit of my ancestors, Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, Rachael, Leah, Rebeccah, and Sarah; by the merit of Solomon, the Sorcerer King, whose blood flows in my veins, I call forth Raziel, angel of revelation, angel of brilliance!  Come to me now, speaking clearly and intelligibly!  Open the gate of Mercury of Jupiter, and bring me through it.  Initiate me into its current and quicken its power within me."

I set the altar as usual, but added a picture of the Sorcerer King.  I burned frankincense, and drank a shot of Hermes liquor (which is basically just nutmeg infused rum).  I prepared myself, and then:

2) Ask "road opening" familiar to open the path to the Gate of Brilliant Compassion.
3) Lit the candle (white candle, with the Raziel's name and seal, dressed with Holy Anointing Oil).
3) Traced the invoking hexegram of Jupiter.
4) Traced the invoking hexegram of Mercury.
5) Read the first part of the petition.
6) Traced the Jupiter star again.
7) Traced the Mercury star again.
8)  Read the second part of the petition, and poured some oil into the candle to make it smoke.
9) Spent time with Raziel, conversing.
10) Thanked Raziel.
11) Closing hexegram of Mercury.
12) Closing hexegram of Jupiter.
11) Thanked quarter angles (from LBRP)
12) Peace out.

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