Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Omer 8: Chesed in Gevorah

I realize that I'm only writing here when things go badly.  I'll try to remedy that (but, follow along at to see all of it).

So....last night kicked off the gevorah week.  Gevorah is the sephirot (and mars the planet) I'm the worst at, by far.  It's not that we don't get along exactly, I just don't have much Mars/Gevorah/Power/Fire in me.  As my daddy would have said, I'm something of a cold fish.  While I'm quite tempestuous, my passion is all water; beating rain and thrashing waves; I just don't have much heat in me, a thing I've been trying to work on.

So, to open the Gevorah week, I rubbed down a red 7day candle (the kind in the jar) with some Mars oil, chanted a little bit to get it flowing, and then lit it.  It lit well, and burned strong and fast over night.  Really very fast; while they're supposed to last 7 days, I find that this brand actually only runs about 5 or 6.  However, it was more than a third of the way burned down when I saw it this morning (after about 9 hours), but burning steadily, with little flickering.  Certainly nothing of concern.

However, when I got home from work, I found the candle burned down about half way, and no longer burning.  The top half of the glass jar was completely covered in black smoke, broken off, and lying several feet away on the floor.  Eek!  I burn these candles all the time, and I have NEVER had something like this happen.  (Seriously, there's always at least 2 or 3 lit at any given time.  I light one every Monday for the ancestors, one every Wed for Hermes, one every Friday for the Queen of Heaven, and sometimes other ones for other purposes, so that's at least 150 a year; I buy them by the case often enough that the guy at the dollar store knows me.  When he found out I was lighting them for the gods, he sold them to me half-price, and told me to burn one for Ganesh, which I did.)

Anyhow, after taking a photo, I put the candle pieces in some green cloth with some salt, tied the bundle closed, and buried it.  (Better safe than sorry).  I did some divination, which wasn't very clear at all, and then got my roommate to do some divination for me as well.  Which also wasn't super clear, except that I have to be less complacent about things, which isn't really news.

I asked around for some advice, and most people were of the opinion that blowing things up is how Mars says hello, and that what's to be expected from giving him a candle that looks like a stick of dynamite, especially on a Tuesday.

An astrologer friend pointed out that Mars isn't just retrograde right now, it's also in detriment, which, if I understand it, is about as poorly timed a Mars working as there could be.  I gather that, if you were trying to curse someone with Mars, that's how you'd time it.  So, um, yeah.  Maybe I should have paid a little more attention.  I really need to learn more astrology.  My astrologer friend also seemed to feel like me menstruating heavily was another sign of Mars-doom, but I don't think I agree with that.  Male magicians always seem to think menstruating is some kind of sign of spooky apocalypse.

On the astrologer's advice, I lit a Venus candle where the Mars candle was, and ringed it with pink salt.  Honestly,  I think that might be overkill, but I guess it can't hurt.

Tonight, I'm going to try Gabriel instead of Mars.  I have a standing appointment with Hermes Wednesdays, around 9:30, so I'm going to stay up late to do Hermes first, and see if I can get any sense out of him, and then conjure Gabriel.

And, it's almost time for that, so I have to go get ready.  I'll try to remember to report back here if I have any updates.

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