Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Omer 9: Gevorah of Gevorah: Gevoriel (Gabriel)

Given last night's odd beginning to Mars, I spent tonight's time mostly trying to get some clarity.  After my usual Wed night Hermes work, I conjured Gabriel, as the angel of Gevorah.  I had some trouble getting a connection, which is odd, because I work with Gabriel relatively often (among other things, he's my left-hand guardian).  I was instructed to bathe with mint, which I did (for being so un-femme, I'm a total sucker for girly bath potions).  That sort of makes sense, if I was defusing Mars energy gone wrong.  That was very nice (I still feel cool and tingly), and seemed to help me "tune in"to Gabriel.  While showering, he explained that. basically, I'm so yin over-balanced, I couldn't handle the infusion of Mars energy, and it "bounced back".

It's a thing, I really am way too yin.  Even my blood work shows it; I have some symptoms of having low testosterone, but it's not low at all.  It's actually on the high side.  My estrogen, however is EXTREMELY high.  I have a lot of difficulty working up yang-fire-mars on my own.  Honestly, when I don't work around teen boys (who hemorrhage it all the time), I start jonesing for it.  It's not healthy.

He recommended a yang tonic of ginger, lemon, dandelion, and honey (which seems lovely, but I'll consult my witch doctor), and some qi-gong-ish stretches to help "tone up" my "sphere" for the influx of mars this week. He also recommended Adi Shakti, so I'll do a little of that, and then to bed.

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