Saturday, April 19, 2014

Omer 4: Netzach in Chesed: the gate of Venus in Jupiter

Last night, we counted the fourth night of the Omer, Netzach in Chesed; Venus in Jupiter.  The classic kavanah ("intention" or "meditative focus") of the day is enduring love; "for better or worse".  The angel of the day is Haniel, and the saint is Hannah.

Hannah (חנה) and Haniel (חניאל) both derive from the same root; they are both about joy at receiving grace.  When things go our way, before we can be grateful, before we even think to thank G-d, the very first thing we feel is the joy of hard-won success.  That's Netzach in Chesed.

This is not an area where I excel.  I have, as an ex might put it, a lot of quit in me.  Also, I'm back in town after having been away visiting family for Passover (thus my exploratory adventures in Pequea).  I couldn't really work fancy ritual in my aunt's living room, so it was all "sit with the Land" work (which I also love).  Today, though, I had the time and space to do some "high" magic, so I did.  Here's the play by play:

0) Set up a Venus (planet, not goddess) working altar.  Picture coming soon.  Bathed with rose and sandalwood soap.  (Venus scented soaps are extremely easy to come by.)
2) Asked my "road opening" familiar to open the way to the Gate of Enduring Compassion, the Gate of Netzach in Chesed, the Gate of Venus in Jupiter.

Opening the Gate
3) Traced the invoking hexegram of Jupiter (see picture below).
4) Inside that, traced the hexegram of Venus.
5) Prayed that, by the merit of my ancestors, and merit of 
the omer I counted last night, any blemish, deformity, or oppression of me that originates in Netzach of Chesed be healed, instantly and completely.  Further, that any blemish, deformity,or oppression in the world which I have caused in Netzach of Chesed be rectified and set right.  Further that I be purified and sanctified with supernal holiness.  Further, that abundent grace rain down on the entire world, healing and enlivening every nefesh, every ruach, every neshema, correcting every blemish or defect, purifying and sanctifying the neitre world with supernal holiness.  

5) Called Haniel.
6) Lit candle and incense (see altar pic)
7) Asked Haniel to cleanse and heal me from every blemish, weakness, or failure, now and forever, in this or any other life, that originates, passes through, or acts in Venus of Jupiter.
8) Spent some time with Haniel.  Conversation.

Peace Out
9) Thanked Haniel.
10) Banishing hexegram of Venus.
11) Banishing hexegram of Jupiter.
12) Thanked the quarter angels (Michael, Gabriel, Auriel, Raphael).

The End.

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