Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Omer 2: Gevorah of Chesed

Gevorah in Chesed: Gevorah is a thing I don't really get. Perhaps more than any other sephirot, I feel very out of touch with gevorah. (Although, it may be simply that it's the one I'm the most AWARE of how out of touch with it I am). So, here's what happened to me today. I was in Philly seeing family, but everyone was working/in school today, so I headed to Lancaster. I visited Pequae (but it was too cold to be out for long), so I set out on a quest to find the Gateway to Arcadia.
Shortly after I learned to drive, I discovered this amazing nature preserve (we have a lot of those in Lancaster,especially in the southern end of the county), which I always referred to as "The Gateway to Arcadia". All through high school, especially on long summer days, I used to go there to think, and talk to the Land, and search for the door to faerie. I sometimes took my brother with me, but I don't know that I ever took anyone else. It's entrance is quite hidden. It's along a small, windy road, paralleling a creek. On the other side of the road is a steep embankment, at the top of which is an old railroad track. After a little while, there's a dirt patch you can pull over at, and a stone arch leading into the side of the hill. A small creek runs into the tunnel. If you wade in the stream (slippery!) through the tunnel, and come out on the other side, you find yourself in a hidden valley. The only other way, in or out, besides the tunnel is to hike up over the mountains (really, just very steep hills) on either side. As you follow the creek, it grows, bubbling, into a small river, much to large to ford. If you follow the river far enough (maybe 2 or three miles), the hills die out, and the land levels off into farmland.
I haven't been there, haven't thought of it, in years, but I recently found myself there in a dream/journey/vision. I figured that if I just drove down that way, instinct would kick in, and I'd be able to find it, so I set out. I didn't find it today, but only because I had another adventure.  (Update: I've since found it). I drove around and around for hours, in the crisp, sparkling morning sun. I saw a black vulture eating some roadkill, which was cool, because I've never seen a vulture up close before. Then, a little way down the river, I saw another three vultures, but they flew off when I got near. At some point, I crossed the river into York county, and at Lock 15, near the Holtwood dam, there was another vulture, eating a VERY dead fox. It didn't move when I drove up. It just stared at me, and cocked its head, as if it wanted me to follow. I parked the car, got out, and followed it. I hopped along the ground, ungainly, down to a small grassy area right by the river, overlooking the dam. I followed. It stared at me for a little while, and then flew off across the river. Then the dam alarm went off, so I had to go back to the car and leave (sirens and flashing lights go off 15 minutes before when they're opening the dam, because all the low grassy areas next to the river can flood out very fast, and carry you away)
So, I don't really understand any of that, or what it means, but I'm going to keep thinking about it. 

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