Thursday, August 30, 2012

"Chosen People"

A revelation which occurred to me in a dream: 

You've often heard me say that Jews have some measure of protection against backlash from stupid magic, but it's hard to explain why. Sometimes I've said that it's not that G-d plays favorites. It's that the gods plays favorites. Now, that's not very clear, but in the dream,  I learned a metaphor/parable: 

Imagine your dad is the police commissioner. Not just any police commissioner, but an endlessly compassionate, wholly just, incorruptible police commissioner. Now, imagine you commit a crime. If your Dad finds out you're a serial killer, he will be devastated, but he'll do what's right, and you're going to the chair. However, if some beat-cop catches you smoking pot, he's probably going to think twice about being the one to arrest the police commissioner's daughter.