Friday, July 18, 2014

The Peacock Queen's Most Beautiful Facial Masque

I'm not usually much one for girly stuff like this, but I really like this.  The Peacock Queen (an as-yet unidentified Ishtar-like Goddess I've been working with of late) taught it to me.  I'l promise I'll be back to "butch" magic soon. ;)

You'll need a small bowl, and a mortar and pestle.


5 Tbsp olive oil
5 Tbsp honey (raw and local is better, but any is ok.)
2 Tbsp tears of frankincense
1 Tbsp rose water  (make your own if you're cool.  It's also easy to get at Middle Eastern grocers.)
1 egg yolk (this is an emulsifier.  you won't be able to get the oil and water to mix without it)

Crush the frankincense to a fine powder with a mortar and pestle.  If, like me, you buy your frankincense by the pound, you can probably get a Tbsp of powder just by sifting.  If your skin is oily an impervious like mine, you can get away with bigger particles and use this kind of like a gentle scrub.  If your skin is dry or delicate, be sure to grind it very fine, or else it might scratch you.

In the bowl, slowly whip together the oil and honey to form a smooth goo.  Slowly mix in the rose water and frankincense until it is all well mixed.  Use within a few hours.

Pat on face and d├ęcolletage.  Light a candle, relax, and listen to some music.  Remember to smile whenever you think about what you look like, and you'll always be beautiful!