Saturday, February 9, 2013

Mary Rite to Fix the Papal Election

The goal of this ritual is to influence the selection of the next Pope.  The ritual is best performed on Ash Wed (Feb 13th) 2013.  You DO NOT need to be Catholic, or even to believe in the existence of Jesus or Mary to work this ritual.  The writer of this ritual, for example, is a Jewish Witch.  It calls upon the power of Divine Love to soften the hearts of the cardinals, and incline them toward choosing a Pope who is also inclined toward Love.  Within the ritual, the current of Loving Compassion (called “chesed” in Hebrew) is personified as Mary, because we believe that it is in that form that Love has the best chance of entering the hearts of the cardinals.  Whether you believe Mary is the Mother of God or whether you think of her as only an astral-form we’re sending to the cardinals is entirely irrelevant to the efficacy of the ritual.  All that’s important is that you imagine Love filling their hearts and guiding their choices.

You will need a seven day jar candle.  An Immaculate Heart of Mary candle is best (these can be found in the hispanic section of most large grocery stores), but a plain white candle will work.  If your candle does not have an image on it, please print the image above and tape it to the candle.  It is this face of Divine Love that we are trying to send to the cardinals speak with them.  If, for whatever reason, you cannot use a candle, simply focus on the image.

Face toward Rome.

Close your eyes, and concentrate on breathing slowly and deeply.  As you become more and more relaxed, you will begin to feel all the tension leave your body.  As you breathe in, imagine you can feel the healing and nourishing oxygen permeating every cell in your body.  As you breathe out, feel all the toxins and waste leave your body.  The more deeply you breathe, the more relaxed you become.  The more relaxed you become, the better it feels.  The better it feels, the deeper you go.

As you feel yourself relaxing, imagine that you can feel your body clicking into place, aligning itself in all the right ways.  If you need to move around to find the right position, do that.  As you breathe in,   Imagine what it would feel like for your breath to flow throughout your body unimpeded.  As you breathe in, feel the healing, nourishing breath fill your whole body like a balloon.  As you breathe out, let of all your tension and worries.  Right now, the only thing you have to think about is your breath.

Imagine a soft, warm rain falling on you, washing away any tension or troubles, healing and enlivening you wherever it touches.  Feel the warm water coursing over you, relaxing you even further.  

With your next breath in, imagine the breath entering through the top of your head.  It might appear as a gentle, white light.  If you don’t see anything, that’s ok too.  Whether you see it or not, you can feel the healing nourishing life force gently entering you with your breath.  You can feel it running through you like a gentle stream, washing away any impediments in a gentle flow of light and air.  It draws every toxin from your body, it washes clean every sin. You are emptied of fear, doubt, pain, and regret.

Below you, imagine the water exit your body through your anus, taking with it every impurity and illness, every fear, doubt, pain, and regret.  The fluid light continues to pour into you, enlivening awakening and empowering your whole body.  You can feel yourself alight with the crystalline energy of the stars.

When you feel fully empowered, move your mind from the flowing light to your heart, and feel it pool there, filling your heart with the scintillating light of the heavens.  The flow doesn’t stop, just because you’ve taken your attention from it.  It is always pouring into you, whether you notice you not.  The heavens shine all the time, whether we’re paying attention or not.  

When you have felt your heart fill up with the light of the stars, turn your attention below.  Extend roots down from your feet like a tree, sinking deeper and deeper into the earth.  The ground grows warm, and begins to glow red.  Continue to sink, deeper and deeper, into the warm red Heart of the World.  Feel the heartbeat of Mother Earth, warm and strong and alive.  Feel that warm red energy travel up your roots, up your legs, easing away every care until you can barely feel your legs.  Feel it travel up, up, up your spine, the Heart of World and your own heart beating as one.  Feel the power, strength, and surety of Mother Earth.  Feel her fierce and tender love.  Feel it run up, up, up through your throat, through your head, gushing up like a great fountain, erupting like a volcano of power, burning away any dross, corrosion, or infection it touches.  Feel the warmth seep into your whole body, awakening and empowering you.  You can feel yourself glowing with the Love of Mother Earth, her heart beating with yours.  

When you feel fully empowered, turn your attention to your heart, and feel the firey love of Mother Earth mingle there with the Love of the Heavens.  The warmth and the heart beat continue, even when you stop paying attention to them.  Mother Earth’s heart and yours were always one, you just had to remember to feel it.  
The fire and water sizzle and hiss when they meet, transforming into a golden glow that shines about of your heart.   With your hands held out to your side, palms facing front, open the eyes in the palms of your hands, feel the golden glow shooting forth from your hands.  The three beams of light meet, forming a thick beam of golden light.  Read the following aloud:

Mother of Divine Compassion, we call upon your immaculate heart:
Cardinals have gathered in Rome.
Awaken their hearts to love.
Whisper in the dreams.  Speak to their souls.  Make answer to their prayers.
Tell them to choose in love.
Tell them to choose for love.
Tell them to choose love.
Choose love.