Tuesday, August 13, 2019

A Spell to Protect Wayland's Smithy

As I've mentioned before, my brother and his partner live near a neolithic long barrow burial mound called Wayland's Smithy.  It's a powerful site, and one close to my heart.  Recently, the swastikas have been carved into the trees.  Un-fucking-acceptable.

I have written the following ritual, designed to both protect the site from fascists and to call upon the power of Wayland Smith and the Deep Ancestors within, to protect Britain and the world from fascism.  It is designed to be performed at the site by non-magicians or beginner magicians (such as my brother), but more experienced magicians can also perform it astrally from afar.

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Before You Get There, Gather the Following:

  • pourable white flour.  I recommend putting it in a clean, dry wine (or similar) bottle.  you'll need at least 200 g.
  • a way to draw blood
  • a small bowl
  • a spoon
  • a bottle of water
  • a bag for garbage

At The Site, Do the Following:

As you walk to the site, keep your eyes open.  If you see any trash, pick it up.  If you find anything beautiful (acorns, leaves, flowers, feathers, etc) gather them.  You will also need a big stick (walking staff sized) and a palm-sized rock.  

Begin by entering into magical space, time, and consciousness by any method.  If you do not know how to do that, simply do your best to take several long, slow, deep breaths and root yourself as fully as possible in to the exact moment in space and time you are currently in.  Clear your mind, and focus on where you are and what you are doing.  Remove your shoes and socks, and do the rest barefoot.

Put your stone in front of the "gate".  Decorate it with leaves, flowers, feathers, or whatever else you found.  Pour a little water over it.
Walk a clockwise circle around the barrow (starting outside the entrance "gate") doing your best to feel its power.  Tend to it and love it.  Talk to it.  Pick up any trash you find.  If there are fallen branches or stones, tend to them.  Take pride in this site, and its history.   

Walk along the top of the barrow, down to the trees and back.  Feel the passage of time, the ebb and flow of millenia beneath your feet.  This hill was built by human hands, 5500 years ago.  When we work together, humans can do incredible things.  This is the home of the Mighty Dead, the blessed Ancestors of Britain.

Return to the "gate" stone (pictured above).  Pour a little more water out at your "altar".

Say out loud: "I am ___name___, and I come in love and reverence for this Land."

With your stick, knock three times on the gate stone.

Call out loud:

"Wayland, Great Smith!  Ancient Ancestors!  Spirits of the Land!  I ___name___ call to you.
The Enemy has come and defiled you.  I repudiate them and their cause.
The Enemy has come and defiled your tomb.  Arise and take your vengeance.
The Enemy has come and defiled Britain.  Take up your hammer again."

Pass the gate stone.  (take the bowl and spoon with you) . Bow.  Pour out more water at the next gate.

Say out loud: "I enter now into your womb, great barrow.  I enter now into the tomb.  I enter now into the womb of the Earth, to seek alliance with your who dwell here."

Go back as deep as you can get, and sit, facing outwards. 


"Wayland Smith, Mighty Dead, come and aid me now.
Wayland Smith, Mighty Dead, come and aid me now.
Wayland Smith, Mighty Dead...."

Keep going, faster and faster, until you get lightheaded.

Dig up a little bit of dirt (with the spoon) and put it in the bowl.  Not much.  Just a little spoonful or two.

Come back out, pausing before the gate to pour more water.

Once outside the gate again, make the following sign on the ground with the flower, pointing outwards.  This is sword of Wayland.

Finally, spill a drop of your blood into the bowl with the dirt.  Add water to make a thin paint.  You can add more dirt from out here or flour, if needed.  Dip your left hand in the blood mud, and slap it on the gate stone to make a handprint.  If you do not have a left hand, use your right hand. If you do not have hands, kiss the stone instead.

Yell out "IT IS DONE!"

Return to normal space, time and consciousness.