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How To: Solomonic Style Circles.

I've been doing this a long time. I can't say this is the best way, but it's the summary of my 20 years of experience:

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A circle in the style of the Heptameron of Peter d'Abano, which I adore.

If you are not confident in your ability to cast an energetic circle, I HIGHLY recommend Ivo Dominguez's
Casting Sacred Space: The Core of All Magickal Work.

The most important parts of circle construction in almost any style are:
1) The "circle" be large enough you can comfortably perform the ritual inside it.
2) The "circle" be small enough that there is direct line of sight from any point inside to any other.
3) The "circle" be energy-tight and not leak.
4) The "circle" not have sharp corners (because they create little energy vortices which are hard to clean.

Not only does a "proper" circle not have to be 9 (or 13) feet across (probably, the smart demons use the metric system anyway, lol) it doesn't even really need to be circular.

To lay this out, lay on your floor at the center of where you want the circle. Spread eagle, and then, with a piece of chalk, reach as far as you can in each direction, and make a mark. Add at least a foot of buffer on each side, and enclose the circle. That should be the size of the inner circle.

For average height men, that give a circle about 9 feet across. Since I'm only 5 feet tall, and my arms are very short, a 7 foot circle works fine for me (although, these days, because I also host group ritual, I also use a 23 foot circle, which is the biggest that will fit in my basement). My friend who is 6'4", needed an 11 foot circle just for him.  The point of the circle is that the spirit not be easily able to "trick" you into crossing it. Pro tip: some Solomonic rituals can go very long. Put a chair and small table, or at least a cushion, inside. Nothing persuades demons to stop blustering so effectively as just waiting them out. I have a whole desk inside mine.

If you decide you like this style of work and want to make a permanent circle, here is what I recommend:

1) Ideally, choose a room with only one entrance, with a door.
2) Purchase pre-painted white pine baseboards to fit all four walls. (If you already have baseboards, you don't have to take them down.  But, if you don't, its easier to do all the writing etc before they're on the wall, so you don't have to crawl as much.
3) Use black sharpie markers to draw out the names, characters, etc on the baseboards. Take time to think about how the room lays on a compass, and where the corners will be. Be cognizant of where the door(s) are.  You will almost undoubtedly have extra room, which you can use to add names, characters, seals etc of your personal protective spirits and gods. I use other colors to also add elemental/directional quarters. If you're not sure what to put, just leave some space, and you can add them as you figure it out.
4) Consecrate the baseboards in your usual way.
5) Install the baseboards (or pay a handy person to do so)
6) Complete the circle across the bottom of the door.
7) I recommend casting a smaller energetic circle inside your permanent one while in use, because otherwise you will get weird energy vortices in the corners, which are hard to clear. The inner circle, honestly, doesn't have to be very good; it's ok if it leaks a little.

WARNING:  I am told it is not healthy to sleep inside a Solomonic circle, but I have never tried it.

Want a triangle? Buy the biggest, coolest mirror, and draw the triangle on it with black magic marker. If you use a dresser with a mirror on it for this, you then also have a table of practice and some storage. Even permanent marker will come off of a mirror with windex and some elbow grease. Either wash off the triangle every time or else cover it. If you make a permanent circle, use a curtain rod for the drape; they have a tendency to "accidentally" fall off. Be sure to hang the mirror VERY securely.  I have had a mirror fall mid-rite, and it was a disaster; flying glass shards went everywhere like shrapnel ("luckily" they missed me entirely.) Broken LCD screens (ie "black mirrors") work even better than mirrors, and don't shatter if they fall. Ask around until someone is throwing out a broken flat screen.

I recommend putting kosher salt (and other crystals if desired) on the windowsills of a temple space as well.

Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Orphic Hymn #10, to Physus (Mother Nature)

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Secret Writing by Alysson Grey

Physus aka Mother Nature

Physus (Φυσις), from whose name we derive our English word “physics” is the Greek goddess of the natural world.  Her name derives from the verb φύω, which means “to grow” (like a plant or a child) or “to come into being”. That word, and the English “to be” share a common IndoEuropean root, highlighting Physus’s essential character: she is the entire “being and becoming” of the universe.  In this way, her name closely parallels the name Ehyeh Asher Ehyeh (אֶהְיֶה אֲשֶׁר אֶהְיֶה) or “I Am That I Am”, which is the name spoken to Moses by the burning bush in the Hebrew myth (Exodus 3:14). Latin speakers called her “Natura” (from whence our word “nature”). Some writers also equate her with Pan (whose name means “everything”), although I do not.
Physus is, in Orphic tradition, one of the great primeval gods (the protogenoi, or “first born”) who emerged from nothingness as the universe was coming into existence.  Physis is the great conductor of the cosmic harmony, who orders roiling chaos, bringing into being quarks and galaxies, setting fire to the stars and awakening life itself.  She is everything the exists, and the essential cause of all becoming.

Although often anthropomorphized as the Great Mother of All, Physus is profoundly ungendered, as she predates even Eros Protogonos’s invention of sex, much less the genesis of gender (which is a uniquely human phenomenon). In his commentary on the Timaeus, Proclus says of her: “Nature, therefore, is the last of the causes which fabricate this corporeal-formed and sensible essence. She is also the boundary of the extent of incorporeal essences, and is full of reasons and powers through which she directs and governs mundane beings...

Orphic Hymn #10: To Physus, or Mother Nature

Incline to our prayer and grant us your favor,
Physics, All-Matter, divine Mother Nature,
Much-mechanical Matrix of clockwork creation,
Great Magna Mater, accept our libation:
Celestial Anassa, lustrous and endless,
Indomitable diktator, all-conquering Empress,
Almighty mistress of the mountainous breast,
Nursing the world, happy and blessed.
Imperishable Protogenia, exulted of old,
Sung forth by the night stars, their numbers untold:
Silent galaxies whirl on light-leaping feet,
The pitter-patter of matter to time’s tick-tock beat.
Pure Cosmic Mother, unbounded, eternal,
Font of all gods, heavenly and infernal.
Common to all, but uncommonly unique
All-pervading quintessence everything we seek.
Self-made and fatherless, poly-mythic majesty,
Full-blossoming weaver of natural tapestry,
Head of hegemony, life-bearing maiden,
Victorious charm-weaver, seductive all-satan,
Self-sufficient founder of multiverse reality--
Ethereal, material, and abyssal locality.
Bitter to the sinner, but sweet to the saint,
All-wise, all-generous, all-giving, all-great,
Queen for Forever, rich ripening savior,
Growth-promoting immortal divine liberator.
Father and mother, nurturing all-fruitful womb,
Giving birth to the seasons, coaxing blossoms to bloom.
You crafted the kosmos and you wove the waves,
Your perpetual motion spins nights into days.
Everlastingly circling, quick-flowing, whirling,
Fluid-formed shapechanger, eternally swirling.
Mover and shaker of every eternity,
Worldly wise essence, much-honored deity:
Enthroned, scepter-bearing, growling with power,
Mountains tremble in your presence, roaring out fire.
All dominating mistress of life without end,
Future-seeing foremother on whom all depend.
Truely, to everyone you are everything,
And from your immortal being all fates spring.
Good Goddess, Great Mother, we humbly request,
You guide us through life, happy and blessed,
Bring every good thing, each in its season,
Peace, health, and prosperity, wisdom and reason.

Ὦ Φύσι, παμμήτειρα θεά, πολυμήχανε μῆτερ,
O Phusis, Mother of all, Goddess, much-mechanic Mother
οὐρανία, πρέσβειρα, πολύκτιτε δαῖμον, ἄνασσα,
Ourania, honored elder, much-founding power, Anassa
πανδαμάτωρ, ἀδάμαστε, κυβερνήτειρα, παναυγής,
All-dominator, indomitable, Governor, all-light,
παντοκράτειρα, τιτιμενέα πανυπέρτατε πᾶσιν,
Almighty nursing force, all uppermost All
ἄφθιτε, πρωτογένεια, παλαίφατε, κυδιάνειρα,
Imperishable protogeneia[6], anciently spoken of exulted one
ἐννυχία, πολύπειρε, σελασφόρε, δεινοκάθεκτε,
By Nyx’s multiply-pierced light-bearing wondrously powerful grip
ἄψοφον ἀστραγάλοισι ποδῶν ἴχνος εἱλίσσουσα,
Silent starry galaxies’ footsteps trace whirling essence
ἁγνή, κοσμήτειρα θεῶν ἀτελής τε τελευτή,
Pure cosmic Mother of the Goddesses and Gods, unending to the end,
κοινὴ μὲν πάντεσσιν, ἀκοινώνητε δὲ μούνη,
Common to all, truly all essence, uncommon to the last, alone
αὐτοπάτωρ, ἀπάτωρ, ἐρατή, πολύμηθε, μεγίστη,
Self-fathered, without a father, lovely muti-legendary majesty,
εὐάνθεια, πλοκή, φιλία, πολύμικτε, δαῆμον,
Abundant blossoming weaver of affiliations’ much-blended knowledge
ἡγεμόνη, κράντειρα, φερέσβιε, παντρόφε κούρη,
Hegemonic sovereign bearing life, all-nurturing Maiden,
αὐτάρκεια, Δίκη, Χαρίτων πολυώνυμε πειθώ,
Self-sufficient Dike, charming many-realmed Peitho
αἰθερία, χθονία καὶ εἰναλία μεδέουσα,
Aitherial, earthly and of the sea, Medeousa
πικρὰ μέν φαύλοισι, γλυκεῖα δὲ πειθομένοισι,
Bitter, indeed coarse, sweet from Peitho’s force
πάνσοφε, πανδώτειρα, κομίστρια, παμβασίλεια,
All-wise, all-giving conveyor, all-Basileia
αὐξιτρόφος, πίειρα πεπαινομένων τε λύτειρα.
Augmenting nurturer, rich ripening everlasting Deliverer
πάντων μὲν σὺ πατήρ, μήτηρ, τροφὸς ἠδὲ τιθηνός,
All powerful Father, Mother, Nurturer, and Nurse
ὠκυλόχεια, μάκαιρα, πολύσπορος, ὡριὰς ὁρμή,
Bringer of swift birth, blessed, multi-seeded Horai instigator
παντοτεχνές, πλάστειρα, πολύκτιτε, ποντία δαῖμον,
All-technician, mold-maker, multi-Creator, the seas’ power
ἀιδίη, κινησιφόρε, πολύπειρε, περίφρων,
Eternal motion producer, much-experienced, thoughtful,
ἀενάωι στροφάλιγγι θοὸν ῥύμα δινεύουσα,
Everlastingly circling, quick-flowing, whirling
πάνρυτε, κυκλοτερής, ἀλλοτριομορφοδίαιτε,
All-fluid circling-softly, ever-changing in form
εὔθρονε, τιμήεσσα, μόνη τὸ κριθὲν τελέουσα,
Truly enthroned honored discrimating priests
σκηπτούχων ἐφύπερθε, βαρυβρεμέτειρα, κρατίστη
Staff-bearing above loud-thundering mighty
ἄτρομε, πανδαμάτειρα, πεπρωμένη, αἶσα, πυρίπνους,
Intrepid, tamer of all, gifter of portions fire-breathing
ἀίδιος ζωὴ ἠδ' ἀθανάτη τε πρόνοια·
Eternal Life and undying foresight
πάντα σοι εἰσὶ, τα πάντα· σὺ γὰρ μούνη τάδε τεύχεις.
You are everything, all-ruling singly here armoured
ἀλλά, θεά, λίτομαί σε σὺν εὐόλβοισιν ἐν ὥραις
But, goddess, supplicating make me wealthy in season
εἰρήνην ὑγίειαν ἄγειν, αὔξησιν ἁπάντων.
Eirene (Peace=Spring) and Hygeia(Health), Hey! Growing everything