Saturday, February 21, 2015

Ask a Witch: Venus Verticordia

I spoke with my friend, whom I shall call "David", although that is not his actual name, yesterday. At one point, we were talking about residual karmic ties to an unhealthy adulterous previous relationship.  After a brief reading, I understood that he had sinned against Venus Verticordia and needed to make an offering of restitution.  "Of course!  I thought t myself, "that's why she's been appearing to me.  I am the medium through which messages are delivered between her and David."  In any case, I recommended that he crush some roses, and simmer them in milk along with some honey.  The petitioner must then offer the milk to Venus Verticordia, drinking a small portion of the milk allowing Venus Verticordia to taste it with his mouth.  I will report back on results when I hear back from him.

UPDATE:  He reported that, after making the offering, he felt much better, less racked with guilt and shame and sadness, and also much less "attached".  The craving to go back to her didn't completely go away, but was also much diminished.