Thursday, April 7, 2016

Strategic Sorcery Blog Hop: Magical Links

As many of you know, I'm an alumna of Jason Miller's Strategic Sorcery class, which I very, very highly recommend.  Even if the classes weren't amazing (which they were!) the alumni community would be worth the cost of the class.  Sometimes we do community blog hops.  Many of us are all writing about the same topic; this month, I'm hosting and we're writing about "Magical Links".  All the posts are listed below.  You can choose which to read, or travel through them in order.  Each post will link you to the next one.
  • Scarlet Magdalene at Alchemical Musings on the importance of establishing magical links as a means of connecting and communicating with the forces you are calling.
  • Scarlet Grace at Unseen Seraph tells us about the importance of magical links, their place in spirit work, and how to go about collecting personal concerns.
  • Sfinga at Summoned Sphinx writes about how to acquire links for magical work.
  • John Umbras on how to make physical links stronger.
  • Kat Caric at on the power of physically linking up moments of our life, to magnify their power and to multiply their frequency and effects.
  • Caduceus Wild writes about her evolution as a dirt collector.
  • Holiest Percher tells us all about Fingernails & Foot Trails
  • Sara Mastros, here at Traif Banquet, writes about using relics from sacred places as gateways to those astral temples.
  • Jason Miller at talks about how missing links can explain a lot of spell failures.
We hope you enjoy!  Feel free to leave comments below to request topics for future blog hops!

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